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  1. Hi Jenn!

    I was watching Steven and Chris this am and they had a Dr. on who said that there is ‘no data’ supporting the benefits of Coconut Water and it is Hype and not Healthy. She said it is the equivalent of juice and loaded with sugar. I love my Coconut H2O and would love some more info about the pros and cons. I generally use it in my green smoothies as an alternative to water….especially when using kale and other strong flavoured greens.



    • Hi Katie,

      It all depends on the brand you are using, if it is sweetened and how often you are using it. I don’t think nor do I recommend using it everyday, keep it for days when your training harder or want a different taste in your smoothies.

      Choose coconut waters with 10 grams or less from sugar that are coming from natural fruit sources. Water with fresh lemons, limes and organic berries should be your everyday staple for fluid and adding in the coconut water occasionally.

      The absolute best way to get your natural coconut water is to buy a young thai coconut, punch a straw through and sip!

      So in short – you don’t need to give it up – they are far worse, more sugary things you could be having and the fact that you are grounding it in your smoothie means it won’t affect your blood sugar as much.

      I hope that helps Katie?!

      Jenn xo

  2. Kristen Perna says:

    Hi Jenn,

    I’m using your infant formula recipe for my 8 month old who has Down syndrome and bad GERD. It seems to be really helping his reflux. I was wondering if there is a difference if we use enriched rice milk rather than normal. It’s hard to find the rice milk not enriched but I’m worried that it might have to many extra vitamins in it. Also on the box it says not to be used as infant formula and I wasn’t sure why they put that on there or if it’s just a liability issue.

    Thanks for helping!

    • Hi Kristen,

      It is put on the box so that you don’t use SOLELY the rick milk, but we had many other nutrients to it. You can also try to make him some fresh almond and cashew milk:

      1 cup raw cashew or almonds (soak for 4 hours and then rinse very well)
      4 cups filtered water
      4 dates
      tsp cinnamon

      blend throughly for 1.5-2 minutes. For the cashew milk no need to strain, for the almond milk you will nut a nut bag or a sieve strainer to press out the almond skin.

      Your best milk base options are coconut, BROWN rice, almond, cashew and hemp.

      You are such an amazing Mama for choosing no dairy and creating this nourishment for your little man:)

      He is a lucky little guy

      Jenn xo

  3. Hi Jenn, I just finished your book and absolutely loved it. Great job. So much great information. I wanted to try your homemade black been and rice burrito recipe and it directed me to this site to get it but I don’t see it anywhere. Is there a special section on the site I am missing that houses your recipes.

    Thks again for writing such an amazing book!


    • Hi Julie,

      So happy to hear you loved the book:)

      Yes if you look under the recipes category you will see the Black Bean Burrito recipe there. Let me know if you have any challenges:)


  4. Heidi Wildeman says:

    Hi Jenn,
    I just bought your book Tuesday at Studio Bliss and am already done and re-reading! I love the book and find you do a great job of simplifying information. I feel this is the first book i have read about nutrition, the body, etc where things are sticking so thank you for that! One question i had was in the section where you talk about personal care products you never mentioned anything about deodorant vs antiperspirant. I know i should be using deodorant but cannot find one that works, as i sweat a fair amount. Any suggestions??
    Thank you again for such a wonderful book! I am starting one step at a time!


    • Hi Heidi,

      That’s amazing thank you for loving my book so much! Are you coming to my talk tomorrow night there? I also have one more opening for private consultations available at either 230pm or 3pm tomorrow if you are interested?

      I wrote the book going back on 2 years ago now so I have added way more into my teachings since then and am working on book #2 – on audio, as we speak! I can chat about deodorants etc in Wednesdays class but I love Dom’s deodorant, its my girlfriends brand and Ann carries it at Bliss plus I make my home as well.

      Hope to see you tomorrow!


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