My Wish For You Today…


My wish for you all today is to not only see your worth but to FEEL your worth. Sit down. Take 10 minutes to yourself; even if you have to hide in the bathtub, the garage, your car, your closet LOL ~ where ever you need to go for some peace.

Bring a pen and notebook or post it’s with you. Take a deep breath and now write down 5-10 things that you are incredible at; think of everything thing you DO in a day that you absolutely rock at and begin writing.

It doesn’t mater if its something like , “I fold a mean fitted bed sheet (because that is a friggin talent)” OR I create the most delicious and loving meals for my family” OR “I love my pets like no one else can”.

Celebrate all that you DO because of all of who YOU ARE.

Then is no one else as magical, magnificent and incredible as you ~ now you just have to begin to see and feel it too!

Now grab another sheet of paper and write down 5 BIG JUICY AUDACIOUS GOALS for yourself. They can be anything, be a dreamer, create a vision, have fun and let it flow. Write down the first thing that comes to mind NOT the first thing you think, “yeah, that sounds more practical or realistic”


Nope, not happening. You deserve more you ARE more.

Try again…

And try, try, try every damn day until you stand in ANY mirror and smile lovingly, compassionately and whole-heartedy back at the beautiful soul you are.

Don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors and keep all of your gifts from the world…We NEED YOU.

YOU need you.

Jenn xoxo

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