Products & Store

To purchase Jenn’s book The Simplicity Project please click on the link below to take you directly to amazon for either the paperback version or convenient e-reader.

Stay tuned for Jenn’s incredible new products coming Summer & Fall 2013:

  • Online 12 Day Detox
  • 21 Days of Simple Smoothies
  • The Simplicity Project First Essentials ~ Super Nourishing Children ages 6 months – 3 years
  • The Simplicity Project Growing Vital & Happy ~ Super Nourishing Children ages 4-10 years
  • Core Fusion Flow ~ 28 Minutes to Fabulous!
  • Core Pilates Flow ~ 28 Minutes to Taut Tummies and Tight Tushies!


  1. Hi
    I really would like to get a copy of the hard copy of your book but charges 6.95 for shipping. Crazy.
    I live in Toronto. Any place I can get the hard copy. I do not want the e version.

    Thanks Marisa

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