Jenn has been intrigued, inspired & drawn to the studies of health and wellness for as long as she can remember. Her passion and interest led her towards studies in human anatomy, physiology, psychology, various modalities of exercise and fitness, nutrition, yoga and pilates. She received honours in Exercise & Health Sciences, is a Medical Rehab Specialist, Master Personal Trainer, Stott trained Pilates Instructor, Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Jenn is the proud Owner and Founder of Simplicity Yoga & Fitness Therapy Studio which opened in September of 2010. She teaches weekly Yoga, Pilates and Sculpted classes that are tailored to challenge you, engage you and completely revolutionize your physique. As a Holistic Nutritionist Jenn works with clients individually and in groups focusing on Digestion, Detoxification, Hormonal Imbalances, Inflammation and Weight Loss. She also specializes in Pediatric Nutrition and Body Movement. Jenn is the Elite Holistic Nutritionist for Yoga Rockstar Sadie Nardini with whom she created the Metabolic Fire-Starter program and is currently creating the much anticipated program the Metabolic Miracle. She is a regular contributing guest to Toronto’s #1 Morning Show Breakfast Television, Faculty Member for The Toronto Yoga Conference, Spokesperson for Genuine Health, Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica as well as an Instructor for YogaSource & Therapy Studio & Ann Green’s Shine Om Teacher Training program. Jenn created the 30 hour Nutrition program for Shine Om’s Teacher Training and offers the full 270 hour + 30 hour Nutrition Shine Om Teacher Teaching program  at Simplicity each Fall.

Jenn is the founder of the Women’s Wellness Group in York Region and presents on various health related topics both corporate and publicly.

She resides on Lake Simcoe in Keswick with her husband and two children.

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To contact Jenn or book an appointment email her at balancingbodies@rogers.com

Follow Jenn on Twitter @simplicityjenn

Find her on Facebook under Simplicity Yoga & Fitness Therapy Studios and also under Jenn Pike


  1. I have been watching Sadi Nardini on YouTube and getting my at home practice going. I have two small kids like you. I let yoga go because of the work/family schedule. I realized I was miserable and getting more and more unhealthy. So I got back on the band wagon about a month ago. I am working on making diet changes as well. Thanks for all the posts I bought a bunch of the ingredients and am going to be working on changing one day at a time. Working on getting rid of the processed food. My big crutches are caffeine and diet coke. So as I baby step my self through this. When it comes to coffee. I like mine with creamer and Stevia. The creamer is the CoffeeMate Natural Bliss. Am I any better off? Or if I am going to do this should I go cream and sugar?? With the diet coke I am currently like 4-8 a day. So without major headaches and complete craziness on my family I think stepping down slowly is the best. So I have to ask when making life changes like this is slow ok? I feel like I can tackle the exercise and commit to that everyday. The food is going to be harder.

    • Hi Elizabeth

      Congrats to you on your at home practice, you couldn’t have picked a better yogi then Sadie!!!
      I know with small kids and the rest of life moving around us it can be quite the challenge to get exercise and healthy eating in, but it is always the better choice and you will ALWAYS feel BETTER:)

      Okay so in regards to your coffee the stevia is fine but the creamer needs to go. I would love for you to try the Coconut Milk creamer in French Vanilla and then add no extra sugar/stevia and see what you think? If you still need a bit of sweetness then you can add a tiny bit of stevia. Please keep your caffeine to 1 per day and the Diet Coke Elizabeth, it needs to go NOW!

      Chemical neurotoxin sweeteners are one of the things I am most passionate about completely eliminating from the diet. I know this will be hard but this is a 100% must Elizabeth. Please get down to 2 per day right away with 2 liters of water daily and your one coffee.

      If you need support please let me know, I will be here for you:) Do you take any B vitamins or magnesium? they may help with your headaches and withdrawl but so will the water and exercise.

      You are doing AMAZING, please keep up the good work and keep me posted!!!

  2. Kelley Sue says:

    Hi Jenn. I just ran across your delicious Shrek Smoothie on Youtube with Sadie. Sounds yummy! I am a vegetarian and yogi. I am always unsure if I am nourishing my body to the best of my ability. For the most part I eat healthy and love to cook yummy, healthy food. I try to stick to 1 c. of coffee a day and lots of tea for the antioxidants. What I am concerned about is if I should be using supplements? B-12 and if so, how much? Also, what about my children who eat very little meat themselves? I am also curious about Vega. This morning I went to the doctor because I have been concerned about a few lumps in my throat and head. I was told to not worry and that I have swollen lymph nodes due to an irritated hair follicle in my scalp. Still, I am concerned. I’ve been meditating and praying more than ever. I cringe at the thought of the big fat, ugly C word! I’m trying to think happy thoughts and send healing to my body and peace to my heart and mind. I want to know if I am eating the healthiest I possibly can and fighting off any nasty’ s. I would greatly appreciate any advice you are willing to share. Also, I may ask Sadie’s advice about some healing meditations and yoga. I know yoga has gotten her through some tough times as well. Thanks so much! Namaste

    • Hi Kelley Sue,

      Yes the shrek smoothie is quite yummy! I do offer up the recipe with Vega as well as a product made by Genuine Health called Vegans + protein in Vanilla; the Vega can be intense for some people.

      Without knowing more about you I can’t give a supplement ‘prescription’ but speaking from experience and especially being that you are vegetarian, I think a daily sublingual B12 is important ` about 2000mcg-4000mcg daily.

      My children eat as we do and are supplemented with Juice Plus, probiotics, Vit C, Ferrum Phos, Vit D and EFA’s, they are thriving at 3 and 6!!!

      Yes eating a healthy vegetarian, mainly plant based diet is a huge tool in staying healthy and disease free because it helps to keep your body alkaline and less acidic. Disease and cancer cannot survive in a alkaline environment BUT can thrive in an acidic one.

      I hope that helps you…

      Take care and keep up the amazing work:)


      • Thank you for taking the time to get back with me and for the detailed reply, Jenn. A HUGE help! I’ve always wondered if I’m getting enough B-12. I looked up http://www.acidalkalinediet.com for more recipes and to make sure I’m on the right track. I LOVE to cook! My children do too. Thanks again!

      • Hi again, Jenn. I have another question regarding B-12 and a new question regarding Omega3’s… My husband has decided to become a vegetarian and is considering a vegan diet. We are currently taking 2,500 mcg of B12. Is this enough? Especially for him considering he is a male (5’6″ and 153 lbs)? How about our children? I have not purchased Vega as of yet because I am unsure which product to purchase. Any suggestions? Since we do not eat meat our children eat very little meat. What about an Omega3 supplement? My grandmother of 81 years old is experiencing memory loss and I’ve been helping her make some lifestyle changes to improve her memory. In helping her through research I found myself wondering how much Omega3 is my family consuming? Although we are vegetarians and do not eat fish we do eat veggies, nuts and LOVE flaxseed. Any recommendations on this as well? Grateful, Kelley Sue

      • Hi Kelley Sue,

        Woah! This much info from me would require a fee for an online consultation/written recommendations, I would need a little more info to properly guide you.

        Thanks, Jenn

  3. Hi,
    I’m in the UK, just trying to make myself as healthy as possible and have been doing Sadie Nardini’s DVD’s. I have been looking at your nutrition tips and love the look of the green smoothie, however we can’t get “So delicious” coconut milk products in UK – is it just regular coconut milk that you can get in a tin?
    Warm wishes

    • Hi Jill,

      Love that you have discovered me through Sadie! The coconut milk in tin cans is not the same as coconut drinking milk. If you cannot get it in the UK opt for almond, Hemp, Rice, Flax or oat milk instead.

      Do you have those available where you are?

      So proud of your new choices!!!

      Keep it up

      Jenn xo

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