Why Waking Up To Eat Can Sometimes Be A VERY Good Thing

How do you know when ur strength training and yoga practice are in balance and your doing what agrees with your body?

Your metabolism will be STOKED! My belly woke me up last night about 30 minutes into sleep for more calories ‪#‎growmusclesgrow ‬

When you have a balanced training program of strength, yoga, pilates and a small amount of metabolic conditioning your body will respond by saying, “FEED ME”!

So I listened and this is what my belly received; Organic rice crisps, 2 tbsp hemp seeds, tbsp pumpkin seeds, few pecans, mulberries and coconut milk in a tea cup. Not a lot. Just enough to keep my muscles and liver doing ther job while I sleep:-)

cereal bowl

Most people believe that the actual work and transformation of their bodies comes from the exercise itself; so we push harder, lift heavier, run longer or add in just one more class. However, this is completely counter-intuitive to how change happens in your body regardless of your goal; lose weight, gain muscle, lose inches, firm up, build strength or increase your endurance. In order to actually see the best benefits from your training you must FUEL and REST your body consistently and efficiently. This is our rest and digest state AKA where transformation takes place!

I will be teaching you tips and tools just lie this in my NEW 28 -Day Cellulite Be Gone program. Cellulite is a symptom not the main culprit; stored toxins, excess sugar and inflammatory foods, lack of muscle tissue, dehydration and lack of stimulation are the real culprits and I will take you step by step to learn how to kick them and your cellulite to the curb.

Join me and create a major shift BEFORE the holidays!


I will be joining right along side you and can’t wait to have you as part of my Cellulite Be Gone community

Jenn xo

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