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Holistic Nutrition Consultations with Jenn Pike

Available through Email or Phone Consultations &  Online through Skype & Face Time

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Effective January 1st, 2014


Creating The Body You Want For Life: The Simplicity Project

$279 + hst monthly for a minimum 3 month commitment

I have taken The Simplicity Project book concepts and created a lifestyle education program just for you!

So what does it include?

*This program is a minimum 3 month commitment with me. 

  • We begin our journey with a private initial consultation so that I can get a solid sense for you the individual and how you truly want to feel and shift moving forward.
  • Your programs and recommendations from me will be based on creating you a custom:
  • Meal Plan
  • Strength Training Routines, what to do, what to lift, your weekly split and layout
  • Cardio/Cross-training Routine (if applicable)
  • Yoga and Pilates series and which classes to attend at your chosen studio based on my review of the schedule
  • Your Supplement regime
  • Your Essential Oils regime
  • Your Skin and Body care regime
  • I will also have you take my NEW Body System profiling your 10 Major systems in your body and gaining some insight into how balanced or not they truly are. These are your Nervous system, Musckuloskeletal system, Urinary system, Reproductive system, Digestive system, Intestinal system, Lymphatic system, Cardiovascular system, Endocrine system and Respiratory system.
  • We will work through your hormonal profile to best determine the areas in need of re-balancing and some extra TLC.
  • I will be helping you to build your own Tribe of wellness gurus: chiropractor, osteopath, reiki master, naturopath, homeopath, personal trainer/coach, massage therapist, the stores to shop at and so much more!
  • We will navigate your shopping budget and grocery list building and cart filling strategies or lack there of.
  • We have a bi-weekly follow-up call or email sessions depending on your schedule and needs, to ensure you are on the right track, address any concerns and questions and add slight tweaking if necessary.
  • Each follow-up call my focus with you is different, creating building blocks from our foundation up.
  • You will keep a journal throughout the process for me and submit bi-weekly follow-ups which I will closely monitor and I will provide you with the template needed.
  • Once monthly, you will join a private Simplicity Project group chat on Spreecast or Google Hangouts for a Q&A session. These group chats are great as you gain insight and tips from other people on the program’s success, struggles and inspiring human moments.

*all phone/skype/face time  sessions are payable through paypal and e-money transfers to *

1 Hour Pure Talk Consultation $125 + hst

This hour is all about you! You can ask me any question to help you uncover what your symptoms mean, what your body is telling you and to help you give you smile strategies to get you back on track!

There is no meal plan included in this.

Meal Plans begin at $99 + hst

3 Step Quick Start $315 + hst

1st Session ~ $125 – includes patient history, specific goals and focus plus general recommendations

2nd Session ~ $125 – lifestyle plan, weekly meal plan and recipes

3rd Session ~ $65 – 2 week follow-up call to ensure that we are on the right track and this is a realistic approach for you.

To book an appointment with Jenn please email and allow for up to 48 hours for a response.



  1. Georgia says:

    Hello…I’m interested in a consult for preparing formula for my daughter wh is four weeks old….I’m so confused as to what is good and what is bad…I live in Canada and cannot find a nutrionist to guide me in the right direction…would we be able to set up a skype session.

    • Hi Georgia,

      I received your message from the studio on Monday, my apologies in not getting back to you sooner; its been very busy and I average 100 emails per day so its a challenge to get back to everyone within a few days:)

      Where do you live in Canada? I can do a phone consult, my camera is down right now for my Skype sessions and I won’t have it back up and running for a little while.

      Weekdays work best for me with my next availability for a session on June 29th at 11am.

      Pls let me know if this will work and if there is anything else I can do for you in regards to the formula recipe in the meantime…

      Talk soon Georgia,


      • Georgia says:

        Thanks so much for responding! I live in Richmond hill…and June 29th works for me. There is a recipe that I found that was organic goat milk base that I wanted to review. I really want to switch her over to a homade formula as opposed to commercial based, so I look forward to speaking to you about that. My main concern is how do I know that homemade formula has all the vitamins she needs at this stage?

        Also, I wanted to make major dietary changes to my diet and would like to discuss that as well. While I was pregnant my sugars increased , which was a total shocker…so I wanted to make changes to avoid my sugars increasing on the future. At the same time I am trying to get back into shape to my pre pregnancy weight of 108… Not sure what weight I am now…I will find out on Thursday when I go to my midwives!!!!

        This is the link for the goat milk

        I look forward to june 29 at 11am …will u call me?

    • Hi Georgia!

      Did you receive my message back to you?
      I haven’t heard from you so I just wanted to check in!

      • Georgia says:

        Hi …no I didn’t receive your message…are we still on for tomorrow’s call…please call my home at 905 773 5974…I look forward to hearing from you!!!please respond back so I know if we are still on!!! Thx

  2. Melanie Fefergrad says:

    Hi Jenn,
    I have some questions re your infant formula. My daughter is 7 months old and appears to have a milk protein allergy which is causing her severe eczema. I’ve seen a improvement in her skin since I stared to introduce the Nutramigen but she hates it and it is causing her severe gas pains at night. I feel at a loss. I was referred to your infant formula site, but because she has so many sensitivities (foods as well) I am a bit nervous to say the least. I don’t breast feed (issues) so formula is her main source of food.What do you suggest? are you able to email me some pointers as well as alternatives if something doesn’t work? I know I need to avoid the rice protein ( my aunt is a homeopath and has had lengthy dicussions with colleagues who feel that it may be linked to kidney stones it happened to her) what is a good safe substitute?

    thank you for your time,
    Melanie Fefergrad

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