Home-Made Rice Milk-Based Infant Formula

When my youngest child Sam was an infant he always threw up after he nursed and was starting to show signs of eczema patches on his torso. Having seen this a dozen times over in my own Nutrition Practice working with nursing Mom’s and babies I knew what it was…a dairy sensitivity. Now I have not drank milk in nearly a decade, however, I was still having some cheese here and there and yogurt almost daily. I took Sam to my colleague Marlene Deres (food sensitivity therapist) and had him tested. Sure enough, all forms of dairy were right at the top of his list…bye bye  cow cheese:(

Once I eliminated the cheese, I kid you not, within 4 hours of my last piece Sam has never thrown up since, that is until at 12 months I tried him on organic yogurt and puke…puke…puke…GROSS! than again at 15 months and again puke…puke…puke…ugh! Plus within about 4 days we noticed a huge improved in his skin after about a month of no dairy and applying evening primrose oil and almond to his body his skin was soft and silky smooth. So needless to say that  at 14 months when he stopped breast-feeding, I had to figure out something else to give him other than cow’s milk. I had made this recipe with my first daughter Emerson and been using it here and there with Sam since he was about 4 months old to supplement my nursing him. This soon became his exclusive formula until he began consuming more solids and eventually moved out of the stage of needing any formula.

I consulted with a few Naturopath colleagues, fellow nutritionist and my own intuition and came up with the recipe you see below. You see, rice or even almond milk alone are not fortified enough to provide growing babies with all they need; they both lack in essential fatty acids, iron and protein. This is why you see certain key ingredients below.

Sam loved this and I hope your children will too, its sweet and rich and to their little taste buds oh so yummy. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post a comment or question.


Non-Dairy Infant Formula

Combine the below ingredients together and mix well, I prefer using the Magic Bullet for this job. Store in a glass container in the fridge for up to 48 hours, than discard. Try making a 1/4 of the batch first to see if your baby enjoys this option.

4 cups Rice milk (Earth’s Own Ryza brand Original flavor is my first choice) you can also use Coconut milk (take one can organic coconut milk and add 4 cups water to make your own coconut milk), Hemp milk or Almond milk

1/2 – 1tbsp blackstrap molasses (iron and B vitamins)

1/4-1/2 tsp cod liver oil (carlson & nordic naturals are great brands)

1-2 tbsp flax oil, coconut oil or hemp oil (essential fatty acid)

2-4 tbsp brown rice protein powder (heartlands organic is a good one, see how your little does with 2 Tbsp of protein, if there is no constipation or upset then up by 1 Tbsp at a time until you build 4 Tbsp)

1tbsp Genestra Pediatravite liquid infant multi-vitamin

1 drop of d-drops 400 iu

1/4 tsp infant probiotic powder

I recommend Genestra brand for all above supplements, but please consult with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist before introducing this or any other formula to your child.


  1. My son will be 6 months next week:) i’m thinking he needs a little extra something at night. Do you think he is old enough for your recipe? Thanks for the post.

    • Hi there.

      You could try it and see but if you notice any adverse reaction ex: gas, rash, constipation etc please let me know and we may need to pull some items out until his tummy and digestive system are a little more development.

      Good luck!

  2. Hello!
    I have an 8 month old little girl. She is on formula and extremely constipated all the time. I wasn’t producing enough breastmilk and introduced formula, and she weaned herself by 6 mo. and has had problems ever since. I am looking to give her a formula not made with dairy. Any help you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hello,

      Thank you for emailing me and checking out the blog. I think that this formula woudl be a great place to begin with her. I used this with both my children and had great results. What types of problems have you had with her since she has been on the dairy based formula?

      Hope I can help…

      • Hi Jenn,
        Ok so I didn’t try this formula yet because I found a lactose free formula and thought it was working, but it’s not! So I would now like to try this. She is 11 months now and seems to have a very weak immune system, which I believe is related to her dairy intolerance, so I now want to take her fully off of store formula! She has almost no interest in food other than saltine crackers, so she is still mainly on bottles. Does this need to be adjusted in any way for an older child like this?
        Thanks you SO much for your time!

    • Hi Hannah!

      If I’m reading correctly, you started this formula on your daughter at 11 months? Mine is 6 months. I wonder if she is too young. Hopefully you or Jenn will have some thoughts as I so want to give her something better than what she is getting right now.

      I see she has a weak immune system? Our daughter does as well – in fact – we have to give her shots twice a week to boost it.

      Have you tried avocado? Our daughter LOVES it! You puree it very smooth and freeze it in cubes – it freezes beautifully.

      Do you make bone broth or chicken stock? Another great immune booster! Simmer a whole organic chicken in water for a day or two in your crockpot along with a Tablespoon of organic vinegar to draw out the nutrients. Kids usually love homemade noodle soup? Is she old enough for that since she is over a year now, I think?

      Lastly…organic plain yogurt! Add extras to up the yummy factor!!

      Anyway, good luck. If you have any thoughts for our 6 month old and your thoughts on whether you would have given this to your baby at that age…I’m all ears. I would love your email address if possible? It sounds like this formula has worked for you.

      • Hi Angie!
        My email is hannah@gardenfire.net
        Yes we LOVE this recipe! My daughter was constipated on ALL formulas except this one. Soy wasn’t any better for her, and until her system seemed to heal I was giving her about a half a tsp of miralax just so she could have a bowel movement. It was heart wrenching! I’m so glad to be past this and have her off of all dairy. I think that her immune system is still in need of some assistance and so I am going to start giving her some NingXia daily. Have you heard of that? Well anyway…feel free to email me :o)

  3. I have a 9 month old boy who is allergic to egg, milk, soy, wheat, chicken, and peanuts. His doctor told me he won’t like the over the counter allergy formulas – he refuses to drink them. I don’t produce enough breast milk for all day. Is this recipe a good supplement? Thank you for any assistance.

    • Hi Lori,

      this would be a wonderful solution for him. It is so chalked full of nutrients. Let me know once he is 10 months and we can begin chatting about other foods to in corporate so that he is meeting all of his protein and essential fatty acid requirements. Where do you live? Woudl you ever be able to come to one of my lectures?

      • Jenn, I live in Jax, FL. He will be 10 months old on the 25th of November. I tried the recipe above, although i like it, he is being stubborn 🙂 any suggestions?

      • Hi Lori,

        Try taking out the protein powder and see if you notice a difference. We will work at getting in the protein in a different way.

        Let me know how it goes?

  4. Hello!

    My 4 month old has had an awful time tolerating any baby formula. I was unable to breastfeed due to medical reasons and it has been so devastating to watch my wee one hurting and not able to enjoy her bottles.

    Anyway, she cannot have dairy. She was on Natures One organic soy for about a month and then started cramping horribly (not sure why other than thinking after wks of being on it her GI tract was irritated from the slow moving thicker soy formula). She was constipated the whole time…but it was still better than dairy. So…now…her pediatrician her her on neocate, an elemental formula..

    She has been on it 8 days and is SO hyper (corn syrup is #1 ingredient!!), isn’t sleeping and is moaning constantly from a bloated tummy and gas.

    I’m calling today to ask to see a specialist – a GI doctor. Anyway, I wonder if she would tolerate this recipe? It looks great and simple…something it seems she would be fine with? I know her pediatrician wouldn’t recommend anything like this…but I’m wanting to see a holistic doctor or something b/c obviously nothing is working…4 months worth of heartache:( Thoughts? Thank you for your article!!

    • Hi Angie,

      Oh dear, I know the ingredients in Soy formulas are horrible. I think this recipe would be great for her to try. The rice milk is very easy on the diegstive system and with the additional ingredients it is so balanced nutritionally. You can also try rubbing some flax oil or evening primrose oil directly onto her belly to help with her constipation. Will she take any water yet? YOu coudl also try this to help flush her system a little. Chiropractic for infants is also highly efective, just make sure they specialize in pediatric and family care…very gentle. Let me know how it goes.

      • Thank you for your reply!

        I have her 6 month next week. She is still on neocate, the Rx elemental formula. Her tummy is finally settled, but the ingredients are just terrible and she is always full of mucus. I’ve started her on homemade healthy solids – but long to get her off of the neocate.

        Anyway, I will research this a touch more – if she were older I may take the plunge right away? Is 6 months too young? Do you have a nutritional breakdown in comparison to other formulas or breast milk?

        This looks so great and I would just love to give it to her!!

        Thank you again!

      • Hi Angie,

        Well I am glad to hear that her stomach has settled, where do you think the mucus is coming from? What are the ingredients in the formula? I used the formula on my daughter much later because I hadn’t created it yet I went through everything you are right now. When my son was born I started to supplement him with at 4 months along with breast milk and it went beautifully. My kids are soon to 5 now and 2.5 and doing very well!

      • Oh gracious – you don’t even want to know the ingredients! It is corn syrup and chemicals, basically. Would you believe it’s $45 a can? I just long for something better and I know there has to be. I tried a couple of the Weston Price recipes, but her tummy couldn’t handle them. I don’t see any ingredient in the above that seems like she would have a reaction to. It looks great!

        Anyway, the mucus? Surely all the sugar in the formula, eh? I’ve cried over so many bottles!

        How do I know this is complete? Since I wasn’t able to breastfeed and this wouldn’t be a supplement – I would just want to make sure. It would be so awesome to feed her something I feel good about:) Wondering if this is it…I just keep praying and hoping!

    • Angie I just sent you an email!

  5. Hi Jenn!
    I am hoping that now that you are back to your blogging I will be able to ask you a few questions!!
    I am currently making this formula daily and it is working great for my little girl! She still doesn’t love food and so what she consumes is about 30% food 70% formula. She is now 14 months, and I am wondering if it time to up a few ingredients in this formula due to her age and growing needs??
    I would LOVE any help you could give me!
    Thanks SO much!

    • Hi Hannah,

      Are you following the ingredients and direction to a T? What foods will she eat right now? Maybe we can come up with a couple of new ideas that she might enjoy. The ingredients are in pretty good proportion to the recipe so lets see what else we can create first!

      • Hi Jenn
        Thanks so much for the reply! Yes I am following this to a T and she no longer has constipation issues and LOVES this formula.
        She is a very picky little eater unlike my boys. She likes peas(baby food) and prunes. She really doesn’t care for baby food.She will eat spaghetti(likes noodles), sweet potatoes, cooked carrots(from soups I make). She prefers normal food over the baby stuff I think, but just picks at it, not eating too much and just preferring formula.
        I cave her some of my 3yr olds natural fruit sommthie and she seemed to like it and it got me thinking that maybe I should try juicing for her. She is constantly getting sick and seems to have a very weak immune system…do you know also of any good immune system boosters?
        I REALLY do appreciate your time and help!
        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

      • forgot to add one thing! I substituted Pea Protein powder because I couldnt find the the brown rice protein powder…Is this ok? I had nothing to compare it with
        Thanks again!

      • I just sent you an email Hannah but yes Pea protein is GREAT! YOu are doing an awesome job navigating through this for your little one – you should be very proud:)

      • Are you giving her any supplements? Have you thought about taking her to a Naturopath or Homepath?

  6. Hi Jenn!

    I have yet to try this. We were trialing the meat based formula from nourishing traditions on and off for about a month. Last week I really thought it was going to work and began to increase it. Long story short – she really began struggling with it. So – I’m back to the drawing board. I found another recipe similar to this which includes coconut milk and almond milk – I think I may try this and add some coconut milk for fats as coconut has lauric acid – like breastmilk. Anyway, any thoughts on proportions? I just think it seems like it needs more fat in it for a bit younger baby…

    Thanks again!

  7. Forgot to add – I have all the ingredients here from way back when I first posted! We really like the vitamins!

    Anyway, I’m thinking of making my own rice or almond milk and subbing maybe a cup w/ some coconut milk for fats?

    Thanks again:)

  8. THANK YOU!!! My son is 9 1/2 months old and has had a major issue with any dairy or soy since birth. As a result, I cut out all dairy and soy from my diet, very difficult, but did because I knew how important breastmilk is for him. About 6 weeks ago he decided he no longer wanted to nurse and wanted bottles instead. I’ve been pumping, but slowly not able to keep up with his demands. I’m not interested in putting him on nutramagen – the hypo-allergenic formula. This is a great solution to my problem; both my homeopath and nutritionist signed off on it.

  9. Hello,

    Arsenic??? I have never heard this? The best brand that I have come across is Ryza Brown Rice milk, I love it because it contains 16 gr of whole grains and is at pure as it gets for rice milks. This is my preferred source. If you can’t get Ryza, than continue to use the Rice Dream enriched or try making your own, much easier than you would think.

    Why not try spliting what you pump between two bottles instead of one and adding some of this formula to the breast milk to increase the amount she is drinking. Even 1 Tbsp of breast mailk added to any formula, although non-dairy and soy are best, is going to help her stomach digest and absorb the formula much more easily. Please keep me postd and let me know how it goes?

    Good luck, you are a great Mom for looking at different alternatives!

  10. Hi Laura,

    Breast milk is one of the sweetest forms of ‘milk’ so no I woudl not worry about it. Besides with the additional healthy proein and fat, they both help to reduce the effects of any of the sugars in rice milk to help stabilize your childs blood sugar. Once your baby is 10 months+ and has shown no signs of allergy or sensitivity you can experiment with almond, oat and hemp milk and see how they go too!

  11. HI Leslie,

    I never heard back from you after my initial email responses to this and was wondering how your son is doing and if you had started with the formula yet?


    • worried auntie says:

      Hi jenn,

      I just found your formula and very hopeful it would be good for my little nephew, but he is only a month old. Is that too young to supplement with this formula? My sister does not produce enough breast milk and is looking to supplement. He is allergic to dairy and she is very wary of soy based formulas. We are hoping this is something we can try!

      • Hello!

        Yes he should be fine on this formula. Can your sister produce any milk? If so, even adding a tsp of breast milk to this formula will help him brekadown it down that much easier. This is going to be a much healthier and more easy to diegst alternative than a diary or soy based formula. Has she tried uisng any homeopathic remedies or herns to help stimulate her breast milk? Is she herself eating dairy and how often is she trying to latch him to nurse?

        I can hlep connect you to a great homeopath that can do either email or skype sessions to help get her going.

        Let me know how I can help?

        much Mama and Auntie love xo

      • worried auntie says:

        Hi! Thank you so much for responding. My nephew is drinking it right down! Only thing is he doesn’t seem to get completely full and content on it. Was wondering if switching out the rice milk for goat milk would be ok. He does well with goats milk.
        As for a homeopath, yes she has one that is trying to help with remedies. Thanks again for the recipe!:)

      • I am so happy that he is enjoying it! You can try the goat milk, maybe do 1/2 goat and 1/2 rice and see how he does.

        let me know how it goes?

  12. Hi! I came across your recipe and this blog a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying this formula exclusively with my 13 month old daughter for almost two weeks now. She was previously on a soy based formula and constipated continuously. I had to give her Miralax just so she would have a bowel movement. She’s been off diary since about 5 weeks old. I breastfed her until 7 months when I switched her over to the soy formula. I was having a tonne of issues trying to keep up my milk supply. ;( Anyway, she’s having difficulty sleeping now and I’m wondering if either the Flax seed Oil or the Molasses could be giving her tummy trouble. She loves drinking this formula and I didn’t have any difficulty switching her over, but she’s now taken to waking 5-6 times during the night. Previously on the commercial soy formula she would be waking 1-2 times per night. What do you think if I was to cut back on the amount of either flax oil or molasses? By the way, my three year old son has dairy, gluten, citrus and peanut allergies. He is doing wonderfully now with the help of his Naturopath. Thanks, and any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated! Jenn

    • Hi Jenny,

      Glad to hear she has been liking the formula! I don’t think that either the flax or molasses is the issue, it may be that because this is easier to digest for her she is using it up more quickly and not feeling satisfied throughout the night. Do you give her a snack in the evening before bed? What is her diet like? The only way to know for sure is the take the molasses out but than make sure to give her Ferrum Phos tissue salts 2 pellets daily (homeopathic iron) if you remove the flax you must replace it with another EFA source like coconut oil, hemp or Vega…

      Commercial formulas, especially soy based are harder on their bodies to breakdown and take a lot longer so thats why they stay fuller longer and therefore content. Have you talked to your Naturopath about this?


  13. My son is almost five months and I have been pumping and giving him breastmilk from a bottle. However, it is hard to pump enough to keep up with his intake. I found this recipe a couple of weeks ago and began supplementing him with it, mixing breast milk in. He seemed to do well on it, but I think it might be causing some constipation issues. Any suggestions of what to add or take out if this is the case? Also, I’m worried about making sure whatever formula I give him is nutritionally complete. I’ve been looking up online about making your own formula and how it can be dangerous, but I hate the idea of giving him commercial formulas with all the junk they have in them. I would appreciate any thoughts you have! 🙂

    • Hi Chantal,

      It is often the molasses if there are any constipation issues; are you feeding him anything else right now? any solids or cereals? If so that may be part of the issue. What is dangerous about giving him a nutirtionally balanced better option? non-dairy milk, good protein, healthy fat, vitamin D, iron plus all other essential nutrients he needs? Fear is the first tactic they use to convince you that commercial formula is the only way to go.

      I have raised 2 strong healthy chicldren from this and pumping breast milk. I know it is challenging but it is for a small time and the benefits are worth it. Use this formula for the days you must or mix it with your breast milk so he gets the best of both. If you can only pump a few ounces add teh formula to it to top him up. do you add in the probiotic too?

      Do you take a probiotic as well? You may want to check yoru diet too to see if you have added anything recently that my be affecting his bowels too.

      Let me know how things go?

  14. Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for your reply! I’m not giving him any solids foods yet and am not aware of anything new I added to my diet. The past couple of days I have been giving him solely breastmilk and that seems to have resolved the constipation. Do you think I could just cut back on the molasses and if I do that, do I need to add another source of iron? I really like the flavor the molasses adds! I did add the probiotic to the recipe, but I haven’t been taking them myself. Do they transfer through the breastmilk? I know there are a lot of scare tactics to make you think commercial formula is the only option to feed your infant besides breastmilk. I breastfed my first son until he was 16 months, so I just assumed that was going to be the case with my new little guy. However, things didn’t go as planned and I was forced to start bottle feeding him at 4 months. I am definitely going to try to continue to pump as long as I can, but I really appreciate you posting this recipe and being a resource for us parents who want a better option than commercial formula for our children!

    • Hi!

      Yes you can cut back on the molasses. You could give him 2 pellets of Ferrum Phos which is homeopathic iron once he is 6 months old. He can take this daily. Yes you should be taking a probiotic yourself as it will enrich your milk for him and his little gut too!

      Once he is 6 months old you can start him on some easy to digest fruits and veggies up until 9 months when you can begin to add in more complex foods like beans, lentils, and ground flax, hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seeds into his other foods. Then around 10 months you can try some egg yolk, steamed fish, baked chicken, small amounts of organic tofu and homemade soups. By 1 years old you can slowly start to introduce most grains and other food sources, try goat yogurt before cow yogurt and move forward from there.

      Good luck!

  15. My 6 month old is drinking this formula. She’s having more Poopie diapers, should I be concerned?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Not necessarily. How many is more? Is there very different than before and what kind of poops are they? Is she happy, have a rash etc.

      Need slightly more details!

      • stephanie says:

        HI Jenn,

        Thanks so much for responding 🙂

        I had to take my daughter off of this formula after we found out shes allergic to rice 😦 Shes also allergic to casein, barley, peas, and yeast. We haven’t tested her for all foods so this may change. I sent your recipe to a pediatric nutritionist who said that she agreed with your ingredients. Since I could not use the rice milk and the brown rice protein powder I went ahead and replaced these with almond milk (tested negative for almonds) and hemp protein powder.

        I also noticed that there didn’t seem to be enough carbs in this recipe? I calculated about 30g using my own Country Life multi vitamin and vitamin c brands. Breastmilk has 76g carbs (all of which comes from lactose) to every 36 ounces so I’ve ordered lactose powder from the Radiant Life website. I’ll be adding about 3 tbsp to my recipe.

        I’ve also researched coconut oil and found lots of great studies showing very good nutritional benefits 🙂 So i’ll be adding 1 tbsp of this.

        This is the formula I’ve come up with, using your recipe and a few recipes I’ve seen on the Weston A Price website.

        4 cups Almond milk
        3 tbsp Lactose (milk sugar – for extra carbs)
        1 tbsp Coconut oil
        1 tbsp Blackstrap molasses (great suggestion!)
        1 tbsp Hemp protein powder
        1 tsp Country Life vitamin C
        1 tsp Country Like multi vitamin
        2 mL’s Nordic Natural Baby’s DHA 100% Cod Livers
        1/2 Capsule of Mega Food 100% Natural Probiotic (only one without dairy, I give the other half to my 3 year old.)

        I would love to hear back from you on what your thoughts are.

        Again, thank you so much for responding to mine and everyone else’s comments.


      • Hi Stephanie,

        You deserve a MEGA Mommy-pat-on-the-back! This is such an amazing adaptation of the original for your daughter, I hope you don’t mind if I share with my other Mom’s that follow the blog and that I teach to? I am sure you are not the only one out there who has gone through this with their little and this recipe and my sharing it is all about Mom’s helping Mom’s do what’s best for their babies!

        The coconut oil is a huge bonus to add. I actually did a re-post a few months back adding this in with how much amazing research and the fantastic results people have been experiencing with the coconut oil. Your ingredients are spot on, very balanced, great portions and you can even switch it up to use Organic Coconut milk as the base too!

        Great job Stephanie…one lucky little girl to have such a dedicated Mommy:)

        Jenn xo

  16. Can Your recommend a infant probiotic? Can it be powder form or only liquid?

    • Hi Gina,

      You can do a powder form. If you are warming the bottle please add the probiotic in after just before you feed your baby so that you don’t destroy any of the good bacteria.
      Genestra makes a great brand, DDS, Natural Factors and Douglas Laboratories.

  17. My daughter is almost 7 months and seems to have some sensitivity to milk and soy so I have her on the Similac Alimentum but she doesn’t seem to be digesting it very well. She seems to have a BM or diarrhea after every bottle. Not to mention she doesn’t like the taste of it. Anyway I’m thinking about making your recipe but have a few questions. I send her to daycare and they require the bottles to go in the fridge, is it ok to warm the rice milk in a crock pot of warm water before serving it to her? Also I saw some of your posts saying that I shouldn’t put all the ingredients at once. If you still suggest that what do I start with? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Lindsay!

      Yes this formula can be in the fridge and then steam heated (no microwaving!) I would try the full recipe for 3-4 days and see how she does; if she is good then you are good to continue one if she has any issues email me at balancingbodies@rogers.com and we will work through it one ingredient at a time. I would recommend having food sensitivity testing done to rule out any other possible issues; really helpful for when you are introducing solids. Where do you live, I may be able to recommend someone…

      good luck and keep me posted!

  18. Hi. I’m thinking about trying this formula out on my 8 month old. Was this formula appropriate for this age group? Also, did your child get healthy and chubby with this milk? How about asthma or allergies….any of those develop afterward? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Theresa,

      My kids, now 3 and 5, thrived on this formula and varaitions of it using oat, hemp and almond milk too. Amazing teeth, but no chub in this family LOL. 8 months is perfectly fine for this formula and no issues with asthma that is a guarantee; asthma is almost always connected to wheat and dairy so you should be good to go here. In terms of allergies, nope, but you coudl get food sensitivity testing done to help rule anything out. This is not the same testing as a prick allergy test is done through Bio Electric Impedence.

      Let me know how it goes and if you have anymore questions

      Jenn xo

      • Thanks Jenn,

        I’m going to try it at the end of the month. We are strapped for money right now and so are going to use the formula we have until our next paycheck. Milk based formula makes him extremely congested so we switched to soy and the congestion vanished but that made him extremely constipated, so we switched to a “gentle” milk formula and overnight, the congestion was back….In both situations, he is miserable and won’t eat. It breaks my heart. Anyway, my next question is….how much does it cost a month to make this formula (consider the average amount of formula a baby drinks is 25-30 oz a day)…Also, I read up on the “hernandez formula” and noticed significantly different ingredients. Do you know much about this doctor’s approved homemade formula? Yours looks so much tastier…but curious about the extra things they put in that formula and how those “essential” nutrients are being met in this one here. There are things like fish oil and carrot juice in the hernandez one if my memory serves me right.


        Theresa Hemsath

      • Hi Theresa,

        I have seen that recipe but wasn’t a fan of so much carrot juice going into their system all day everyday. You can substitute the flax or coconut oil with the fish but in my experience most babies don’t enjoy the fish flavor. I can’t give you an exact number in terms of what is cost but just know this, if he is that congested and unhappy you NEED to make this now and make it possible.

        We had to make some shifts financially in the past too and I did things like cut down our cable and internet by 50%, cut our phone line to basic, switched car and home insurance companies, price matched all of our other groceries that I didn’t make a must to be organic at Walmart where we could get things cheaper, we didn’t eat out, stopped buying wine etc… Its just the things you choose to have versus the things you want so that there is enough $ money for the most important things like a better, more nutritious formula for your little one.

        Let me know how things go

        xo Jenn

  19. Hi
    So happy to find your recipe! My son was in the ER from trying ‘regular’ formula at 5mths so we thought wait it out & try a different brand when he was older – this was a projectile vomit within 2mins of finishing the bottle – so now at , I found your recipe & so far so good! He loves it! And no projectiles!! my only issue is now his nice solid poos are super runny! Is there an ingredient I should remove or add to correct this??? Any advice would be great!! Thank you 🙂

  20. Hi there,
    Does this recipe meet the nutritional requirements of a 13 month old? If not, what should I do to make it work? My son is allergic to about 15 different food and I’m ready to wean him. This looks like a great alternative to the corn-syrup filled formula the doctor is recommending.


    • Hi Krystyn,

      Have you received a response back yet? Sorry but I have been slamemd with responses to this formula recipe and some of the messages haven’t been getting to me. YES this is a great option for a 13 month old especially since they are on some solids at this point to offer even better balance to their overall diet.

      Please let me know how things are going! and this is why I made this recipe because of the nasty commercial formulas out there:)

  21. Hi Jenn!
    I have a 4 1/2 month old with severe eczema on his face, arms, legs and ankles. I have been dairy free for a while, however, over the christmas holidays I consumed a small amount of cheese. My son began to show signs of eczema on his face. I stopped consuming dairy and his skin improved. I then had to stop breastfeeding because my milk was imbalanced (receiving too much fore milk and not enough hind milk). So, I began pumping, but was not able to produce enough milk. I then introduced commercial formula at 2 months old. His bottles were half BM and half formula. Once the formula was introduced, his eczema steadily worsened. I’ve tried many types of commercial formula with no improvement, just more eczema. He’s now 4 1/2 months and each day is a struggle to keep him from tearing his skin off…..many mornings his bed is bloody from scratching. I’ve recently brought my son to a naturopath and he recommended using the Wright Lauffer homemade formula with the addition of cod liver oil, greens first, colostrum tablets and a multivitamin and to take out the safflower oil and carrot juice. My son has been drinking this formula for 5 days and his eczema has improved, but he’s still trying to scratch his skin off. I was wondering if I should use your formula for a couple of weeks and then slowly add my naturopaths ingredients to see if he’s sensitive to any of these ingredients??
    Thanks for your time

    • Hi Jolene,

      HOw are things going with your son? Have you started the formula yet?

      • Yes I have!! Thank you so much for posting this formula Jenn! My son has improved immensely…..his skin is 75% healed and our GP is amazed at the results! We had allergy testing and dairy, wheat, and soy are foods that don’t agree with him (so far)….and possibly peanuts 😦
        I’ve added an ounce of coconut milk to the recipe and a bit more flax oil for EFA’s and reintroduced the vital greens…..this formula is truly amazing!! He gets a bit constipated due to the rice milk so that’s why I increase the flax. I don’t think I’m going to reintroduce the cod liver oil because he doesn’t like the taste.
        I was wondering how many grams of protein should be in every liter of milk?? I figured twelve, but I was wondering how many are in yours?? Should I try to reintroduce the nutritional yeast?? I’ve also noticed he’s not sleeping as well because I had to take out the rice cereal in his diet for constipation……but I guess that’s the price to have less eczema!! Anyways, thank you so much for your time as I know you’re busy.

      • PS….I took out my breast milk because of all of my son’s allergies and his skin even cleared up more!

  22. I have been searching for a homemade dairy free formula recipe for weeks and was so pleased to find yours.
    My baby Orson (7months) has a milk allergy (nasty rash on contact and irritable when I have tried cows milk formula), which wouldn’t be a problem but I have to have bottles for him when I work a couple of days a week and I can’t express enough milk for him. I am not sure if the cows milk I eat is passing to him as well through my breast milk so am trying to cut down on dairy to see if the excema he has gets better.
    I was gathering the ingredients at my local health food shop (in London UK) and the owner was a little suspicious about some of the ingredients. I would appreciate your feedback. He said the iron in molases was negligible and was just sugar and that probiotics shouldn’t be taken with food.
    I am also concerned that the only rice milk I can find contains salt.
    I have a very good multi vit and mineral powder to add and an excellent mix of oils.
    It has been a little difficult to find rice protein powder but have seen hemp protein powder, would that be ok?
    Thank you – Lily

    • oh boy…the molasses is a great form is iron for your child right now but adding tissue salts Ferrum Phos (homeopathic) would be great too! give him two pellets daily in his mouth they dissolve easily so no choking to worry about. Probiotics are best taken when you remember then and when/where you can fit them in, PLEASE make sure to give these to him and for you too! Hemp protein is a great choice and try Oat milk, Almond, Coconut or Hemp milk too. Do you have any sensitivities in your history or you families for nuts?

      keep me posted!

      • Dear Jenn,
        I just found your reply to my comment after I just re commented – thank you. I have been adding Probiotics (and I take them too).
        But I do have a new query about the rice protein powder not mixing in and blocking the teat and sitting as a sludgy mess at the bottom of the bottle. Not sure if I am doing something wrong.
        But otherwise Orson is very happy with the milk.
        (Apologies for posting on thismatter twice.)
        Thank you

      • Was the question about the rice protein powder blocking the bottle ever answered? I have been having the exact same problem and it makes the feedings very difficult. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks

      • Hi Julie,

        Not sure if I did yet or not?

        Try blending the formula to break rice protein into finer particles or you can try hemp or pea protein powder and see if that helps.

        Have you tried a larger-holed nipple?

      • I did blend it in the blender and I did try a larger hole nipple but that didn’t seem to help. The larger holed nipple helped somewhat but didn’t completely solve the problem. I also tried heating it in warm water more to see if that helped it dissolve better but it didn’t seem to make a difference either. I’ll try the hemp or pea protein and see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  23. I’m planning to get these ingredients and start making my own formula for my 6 month old. I’ve been only breast feeding up til now and pumping in order for hubby to bottle fed now that I’m back at work. Problem is I feel like I’m not producing as much as she wants and is now waking up at night to eat even though she use to sleep 10 hrs thru the night since she was 3 mo old. I thought I could add this to the pumped breast milk as an additional supplement. I also started her on rice cereal and starting some single fruits and veggies too, so far so good.

    Question is, I don’t see any posts about this recipe since Jan. and I wonder if u have any changes or updates on this. I plan to follow your original recipe and add some coconut oil also.

    Thanks Janelle

    • Hi Janelle,

      YEAH!!! YES adding the tiniest amount of breast milk to the formula is only going to enhance that much more. Try to hold off on the graisn until she is at least 10-12 months, kidneys are more mature then as is digestion to handle them. Fruits and Veggies until she 9 months and then beans, lentils, small amounts of cooked egg yolk,homemade stews, fresh juices, smoothies, avocados and little custards of avocados, banana and breast milk she will love. By the time she is 10 months my e-book will be available here on theblog and you can see all of my suggestions and sample meal plans and recipes. Hope that helps you for now?

      xo ~ Jenn

  24. Hi there! I know you are slammed but I have a question. My baby is covered with eczema and is not tolerating ANY formulas. I am BFing with diet elimination of corn, egg, wheat, nuts, soy and dairy and he clears up with that but I need SOMEthing to supplement with. I tried this formula but he still seemed to react to the rice milk formula so I’m thinking he may be allergic to rice as well? I’m fairly certain there is a wheat and soy allergy and we know for sure there is dairy and corn allergy from IgE testing. I personally have a very serious nut allergy – I am anaphylactic to peanut and tree nuts. I know I can’t try giving him the Almond Milk because of this but was unsure of coconut milk or hemp milk – are those okay with history of nut allergy or do you have any other suggestions and also what kind of protein powder could I use since I can’t use the rice protein? Thank you

    • Hi Julie,

      Poor little man, poor Mommy:(((

      Yes you can try the Coconut milk, hemp or oat and see how he does. you can try a pea or hemp based protein powder available at good health food stores.

      let me know how it goes.

      also appy evening primrose oil and/or coconut oil directly to his skin to help the healing process. is he taking a probiotic too.

  25. Dear Jenn,

    A couple of months ago I started usung formula to top up my BFing. My baby is an extremely happy and contented boy who hardly ever cries. But while on the formula (even very small anounts) he became upset, agitated amd clearly in a lot of discomfort. So I started using your rice milk formula and cutting down on my own milk intake. Back came my happy boy and I think his excema has got better too.
    I now make his formula with rice milk and hemp milk (and am about to start making hemp milk myself) but I have a problem with the rice protein powder, it does not mix into the milk and either remains at the bottom of the milk or blocks the teat.
    I am very worried he is not getting enough nutrition from the milk (although he only has the milk in the evening it is quite a lot, 10-14 oz) and I hate to see the rice protein wasted.
    I use Source Naturals Rice Protein Powder.
    Is it usual for the protein to not mix in?
    Is it because I heat the milk?
    I also add an oil mix of rape sead, hemp and sunflower and a multi vit/mineral powder.
    Orson is almost 8 months old but is being very slow to take up solids (we are doing Baby Led Weaning) so the nutrition he gets from BFing and the rice/hemp milk is reallly important still. Your recipe is great but I think I may have done something wrong.
    I know you are really busy but it is hard to find any advice this side of the Atlantic (We’re in London). Please help.
    Lily and Orson

  26. Jesika Willingham says:

    Wow! It’s sad to see so many little ones that are having the same issues. My son is 6 1/2m and has had issues since he was born. I was unable to nurse and not really sure why. My milk never came in and ended up starving him for almost two weeks. I finally stopped listening to the Dr. and gave him formula. He started out a happy pleasant baby but once he had formula for a few days he began to act colicy. When I talked to his Dr. I was told plug my ears and look at him. Is he growing? And if so than he was fine and there was nothing I could do about it. He would eventually grow out of it. I couldn’t accept that answer so I began switching and trying different formulas. For a long time he was able to use just a sensitive formula for gas and fussiness. But then he got a “tummy bug”. I took him to the Dr. and was told that sometimes when they get a bug they become Lactose intolerant for a little bit. So I was given soy formula and told to use that for a few weeks and then we could go back to his original formula. I got home and gave him a soy bottle and as soon as it was all in it came right back up and then some. He vomited everywhere and it was projectile. So I call the Dr. to see what I needed to do. I was told to give him another bottle with pedialite. It was just a tummy bug and he would be ok after it passes. So I did and again the entire bottle came back up and then some. He then became so weak and just flopped around in my arms that I rushed him into the ER. They were no help either. So long story short after many Dr. visits and me demanding answers we have found he is lactose intolerant and the same with soy. We were given allimentum and told that was it that was all we could do. He was growing and developing early and for the most part happy. I had to just deal with it until he got older and grew out of it. I was told around 6m I would see an amazing change. YEAH right, It seems he has gotten worse. Everything he eats now comes right back up. I’m cleaning him, my floors, his toys, you name it I’m cleaning. So I began to do some research and found this page and your recipe and was amazed to see home many babies are having some of the same problems. I began to go and find everything I needed to make it and decided that I would wait til his 6m check up to see how his Dr. felt about it. I was surprised by his answer. He told me that we were on the best stuff and that it was just my sons tummy that no matter what I was going to give him he was going to “spit” that he is one of those “spitters” He said it was like having a really nice car and it had a ding. I would just have to go with it. Hopefully he would grow out of it soon. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! (Is what I thought and wanted to yell) I don’t want a ding. When you get a ding in your car you fix it. So now I have decided that if he’s not “sick” that I am going to go with my gut and do what I think is best. I have the full support of my husband and family and we are on a mission to help figure this out. Because even though he is happy most of the time and developing faster than the “charts” say he should be. I want to make his tummy happy to and his poor cheeks. I hate to see them all rosey and rashy. So now I am going to make your recipe but have a few questions. When I went to the health food store the lady there recommended that I give him goats milk. she had the same problems with her daughter and thats what she gave her and it was less work. I agreed and gave that to him last night. It took many bottles since he is so use to the other stuff but I finally got some in him. And to my surprise he didn’t throw it up. But while I was reading and researching I realized it still is lacking some important things in it. Can I use goats milk instead of rice milk? I’m ok with using the rice but I have an entire can that I would like to use if I can. If not I have the rice milk. We are on a very tight budget and want to use what I can only if it works for my son. Also at what age can i give him coconut milk? I have read a bunch of different answers. Thank you for your post and time. ~Jesika

    • Hi Jesika,

      Yup you gotta love Doctor’s that are like that!!!

      You sound like you are listening to the right people – yourself and your baby.

      You can try the Organic Goat’s Milk and see how he does. It is easier to digest then cow’s and far better then soy but it can also be sensitive to their tummies so keep paying attention. For milk alternatives you can try almond, oat, hemp or coconut to see how he does. He is fine to have the organic coconut milk now, from the tetra box not carton, but you need to add a pediatric multi vitamin to it because there is no calcium, but a great source of medium chain fatty acids.

      let me know how it goes?


  27. I am so glad to have found this recipe…my six month old has had eczema head to toe for the last four months. For the past couple of months he has had runny and green stool with a little bit of blood at times. His spitting up has increased to almost projectile at times. Fussy and no sleeping. Naps last about 20 minutes and he wakes up screaming. He is exclusively breastfed.
    We just got test results back from a sensitivity test and he has many +3 and +2’s. Lots of fish, wheat, oat, corn, coconut, rye, tomatoes, beans, flaxseed, peanuts, wild rice. Before finding this out I had been on various elimination diets..first was dairy and gluten. We saw some improvement, but now I realize that without this test we wouldn’t have ever seen great results as there are so many factors now. He tested +1 for soy and very low for dairy and zero for eggs. However, I still have my doubts about that. I’m afraid to add dairy back in to my diet. Should I seek out additonal testing (stool test) for the milk protein allergy before I add dairy back in?
    Also, with a corn allergy is it safe to eat chicken and turkey that feed on corn or will this trigger a reaction as corn was high on the list for him.
    I would like to try this out as I am afraid I will never be able to get my diet right to give him some relief. Do you think I would be okay to use rice milk? He tested +1 for brown and white rice. Also, should I substitute hemp for flax? And is the vitamin d recommended without coconut oil? All along I was giving him carlson-d drops with coconut oil…poor guy. This has been so heartbreaking for us to see him so miserable. At this point I want to do something to help him.
    We were sent to pediatric derm who just kept prescribing higher topical steroids and when he wasn’t getting relief from that, bleach baths. This is when we stopped seeing that doctor.
    Then we went to see a GI Specialist. She said that she wanted me to give him Neocate for a week and see if he got better because 95% of the time it’s a dairy and soy issue. She said I could continue pumping during that time and reintroduce breastfeeding after the week and we could go from there. I told her we were awaiting blood work results. She said that the blood work tests are never reliable. Well, after reading the neocate ingredients I was sick about giving him this formula, but was ready to try and give him relief. He completely refused it and would actually pretend to be asleep at bedtime to avoid drinking it! 😉 What a smart little guy because two days later I got the sensitivity results back with corn highest. Neocate is 57% corn syrup.
    I’m just looking for some direction at this point. I feel like I can’t eat anything and I’m worried about my supply. I’m also wondering if I can really rely on these results and is dairy safe or should I get additional testing for that allergy.
    Any advice would be so helpful please and thank you. 🙂

    • HI Bethanny,

      I am so sorry to hear how hard things have been with your little guy:(

      Unfortunately I receive emails everyday from Mom’s just like you and with the same horrifying advice from their doctors.

      You need to treat him in a few different ways to begin:

      Make sure he is getting a daily probiotic, you can mix into his fruit or veggies or a little avocado for him to take off a spoon. You also need to make sure he is taking a multi vitamin for infants that is free of all your issues. He needs extra fat from hemp oil, avocados, ground pumpkin and sunflower seeds plus chia or salba.

      You also need to balance his skin out, no steroid creams they just suppress the issue and manifest into the respiratory system. Try using pure almond oil, shea or jojoba on his skin and nothing else. Bathe him in natural evening primrose oil soap available at health food stores and then coat his little body with the oil. For very rough patches open up capsules of evening primrose oil and apply directly.

      Begin ti give him pure water throughout the day in a bottle or zippy cup and try to offer him some freshly made greens/fruit juices that you juice yourself.

      For the formula you can try a brown rice base, hemp milk or almond milk. I would highly recommend you start with one and use it for 4-7 days and then use a different base for the next 4-7 days and so on. He is quite sensitive and there is a good chance he will grow out of these over the years but keep things simplified for at least the next year or so while you work on creating a solid digestive foundation for him.

      I hope this starts you off in the right direction…

      as for the vit. D contact your local health store and see what options they have.



      • Jenn, Thank you so much for your advice! I am so happy to have some sort of direction. We have delayed his start on solids due to the allergies. So I was thinking I would just try the formula first? I like the idea of rotating the base for now. I am rotating foods myself since he got back his test results and had so many positives.
        Thanks for the advice on what to put on his skin…I was at a loss at this point since I had been using coconut oil and then we found out he was also allergic to that. I’m going to the health food store today to find everything.
        You didn’t mention your take on the dairy issue….and also if I should avoid corn fed poultry. I don’t eat much beef, but only grass fed when I do.
        Thanks again!

      • Hello!

        Yes stay off of dairy for as long as you can, I recommend not giving cows milk ever instead stick with the milk alternatives. If the sensitivity to corn is that high then yes corn fed poultry would be out too. Grass or grain feed would be ok.

      • I’m having problems getting him to take this formula. I’m using pea protein instead of rice protein and hemp oil instead of flax, otherwise everything else is the same. Any advice?

      • Hi Beth,

        try the flax instead of hemp its not as strong; other than that I’m not sure what else to suggest. You can’t force it on him:(

        I would keep trying a few ounces at a time, every little bit is going to help!

  28. Kendra says:

    Jenn- I need help!
    I have a 3 month old son who seems to have an upset system all the time. I have always had trouble with producing enough breast milk and with my first son, Lukas, around 4 wks old he developed severe acid reflux. The doctors first reaction was to give him alimentum and stop BFing. I being a new mom took the advice and ran into more trouble. After my huband and I did extensive research we decided to try making our own goat milk formula and so we bought a goat, proceeded with the homemade formula and what a miracle, overnight Lukas was a new child! SKip forward a year, yes 14 months later I have another addition to the family, Wyatt. At about 4 weeks instead of acid reflux though he had developed a severe skin rash/eczema, starting all over his face and working its way down…uh oh! I knew immediatly from my research that this was a sign of some allergy. Not to mention he was not a happy baby! I quit BFing(was also struggling with that too, I also was eating no dairy) and went with the goat milk formula almost immediately. The rash significantly cleared up within 2 days. it has been 2 months yet I am noticing he still has dry splotchy areas along his arms and upper back, and starting to develop eczema like patches on his legs. He is also congested sounding. An even bigger concern, he is always writhing and wiggling as if something is bothering him, not to mention crying all the time…he hates the swing, bouncer, carseat, and only seems happy on his belly or when I hold him draped stomach over my arm( he looks like a rag doll when I hold him that way…lol)
    Here is what i put in the recipe
    2 cups raw goat milk
    2 cups water
    2-3 tsp blackstrap mol.
    1 tsp nutritional yeast flakes
    1/4 tsp probiotic (derived from fruits and veggies)
    1/4 tsp vit c powder
    1 tsp coconut oil
    1 tsp olive oil
    2 tsp raw agave nectar
    1/2 tsp cod liver oil

    I am now trying your recipe since something in mine is surely bothering him. The obvious culprit would be the goat milk… or possibly the yeast the only thing i did differently is hemp protein instead of rice.
    Im at a loss though, he seems happier, but still incredibly gassy, and he spits up alot more. could the molasses be bothering him? He is not at all constipated, so ive ruled that out. Im just stuck as to what might be the issue. I know things can’t always be perfect but I just want a happy comfortable baby! Ive had him on the formula for about 3 days and I will continue it as he does seem happier but I still feel that there is something going on…how long do you recommend trying this until I switch to another milk source? and is there any other things in the formula you suggest removing/replacing due to allergy possibilities?
    I just feel stuck, I feel like he is becoming an experiment, but I just want him comfortable. its so frustrating.
    Thanks in advance for all your help:)

    • Hi Kendra,

      Oh poor little man, I hate how many of these emails I get from Mom’s like you dealing with Doctor’s and Pediatricians who give them such harmful advice.

      Your formula looks great! If you are still finding some issues with his digestion I would start by removing the Goat’s milk and replace it with Organic Rice milk. The best way to know what is irritating him is to take him to a holistic practitioner who can do food sensitivity testing on him. This is not allergy testing done through your medical Doctor so you need to contact a local Naturopathic Doctor to see if they do this or if they can refer you to someone who does.

      It can feel like a guessing game with the ingredients so I think this is the best way to go for you.

      I hope this helps and keep it up you are a WARRIOR Mama for your baby…how luck he is:)

      Jenn xo

  29. My son had one bloody stool at his 3 day old appt, where his pedi had us switch from breast-milk supplemented with Similac Advanced to Similac Alimentum (still dairy based). We did as she was very concerned he had a dairy protein allergy. We went for about four weeks without too much spitting up, however he started getting eczema ALL over. We took him to the ER as he started getting impetigo. They put him on antibiotics. We also noticed he spitted up more than we liked. Took him back to the pedi at about five weeks, he had still barely reached his birth weight. She suggested we switch to Ele Care by Abbot (still dairy based) which is the next step up from Alimentum and also add rice to his bottles to make it thicker and less likely to spit up. We did this for a month and a half. In which his skin would get soo inflamed it would weep then get infected once more. The pedi then prescribed steroid creams and more antibiotics to control the inflammation and infection. Also we went through three steroid shots within three weeks due to his skin. We did a blood allergy test which came back as he was a class one with dairy protein, class three with peanut, however, no issues with soy. So then our pedi had us go to a soy based formula. Since then his skin has slightly cleared up but his spitting up has gotten worse. At two months he would eat 20oz and maybe spit up four oz in a day. Now, at four and a half months old he is taking 15oz max a day and spitting up close to six oz. We have taken him to a pediatric dermatologist at Denver Children’s Hospital which prescribed some more steroid ointments for really bad flares as well as antihistamines to help with the itch while also to use vaseline twice a day. Meanwhile, prior to Denver, we had to take our little guy to the ER as he was dehydrated and had to be put into the icu for three days. Also, each week since birth he has had orange powder in a few diapers which are known as uric crystals which are common for newborns, but not infants. We have had ua’s done 2x to test his electrolyte balance. First came back fine. I’m currently waiting on number 2. However, he has been throwing up constantly and barely having wet diapers. Our pediatrician told us to concentrate the formula to help with getting calories into him as he hasn’t gained weight in two months and now is five months old. He also has been on zantac for a month + still with no results. I took him back in and another pediatrician thinks it’s possible he may have a condition called tubular renal acidosis. His body will not eliminate the extra acid in his system, thus it is in his blood stream which causes major throwing up, little urine output, and weight loss. From what I have concluded is his skin will do better (not great) on soy based formulas, but he throws up major. While on dairy based formulas he keeps down a little better but his skin flares up a lot. So I’m trying to find a middle ground as a alternative to soy or dairy. If he does have the tubular renal acidosis, the treatment for life is sodium bicarbonate. But, I’m just not seeing good results with soy or dairy at this point. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Tasha,

      Oh my you have been through a lot!

      Ok first thing is we need to get an infant probiotic in him daily. Please start using almond oil or jojoba oil, shea butter or coconut oil on his skin and NO commercial lotions. For bad areas you can open capsules of Evening Primrose oil to rub on his skin.

      Try giving him organic coconut water to help with his electrolyte balance and hydration.

      I would recommend being OFF DAIRY 100% is way to inflammatory for his system and body.

      Please use this recipe starting with Organic brown Rice milk and don’t add the Molasses in right away give him a week on the formula before we test that.

      Please keep me updated!


  30. Heather says:

    Have you ever frozen the formula? Does it lose any nutritional value?

    • Hi Heather,

      I have never frozen it, I always made it fresh. I wouldn’t be too worried about it losing too much nutrient content my only issue may be the consistency? you could always test a small amount and see how it goes?

      Might be a great experiment for other parents to know too…

      Let me know how it goes?

  31. Heather says:

    You mention a difference between food sensitivity testing and a medical dr providing an allergy test. Could you explain the difference?

    • Hi Heather,

      Medical allergy testing is done through a scratch test in which chemicals are applied to the prongs that aggravate the skin, it is usually only reliable for severe seasonal, pet, smoke and TRUE allergy foods. Having an allergy to something and having a sensitivity to something are NOT the same thing. They both elicit a different response in the body. To date there are over 200 varying symptoms to note with food sensitivities. I highly recommend either visiting a Naturopath who cant do the bloodwork and/or bio-electric impedance sensitivity testing (ideal for infants and small children, completely non-invasive).

      Hope that helps

  32. Hello,

    Our new born is 5 months an is allergic to Milk and Wheat and we think Soy is also a factor. We Elecare an seems to be working. But we saw your recipe and wanted to try it. Does this have enough nutrients for her growth. We are giving her this recipe exclusively for couple of days. Will that work. My wife is not BF any more because the diet was too restricting as we are vegetarians. Should we give formula for one feeding. Also, since giving this, her bowel movement has turned brown, but I take it that’s because the molasses, is that normal.

    Thank you

    • Hello,

      YES this is fantastically balanced and super-nuourishing for her. I too am vegetarian, why do you say it was too restricting for her to BF? This is your new formula!!! And her BM’s turning brown is a good thing, I am assuming she is going regularly and well?

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Thank you for the reply. BF was hard because we could not figure out what she was allergic to, was it food, external or formula. For a period nothing we did helped her much. So that’s why we stopped to rule that out. Then we got her tested and she is allergic to Milk, wheat and dust mites. Yes her BM is now at least once maybe twice a day. She still seems to be itching, but hoping that will get better with time. Only other thing, she used to eat 5oz per feeding but now she takes in 4 to 4.5 with this formula, maybe taste? We plan to introduce other foods in a week or two as she gets close to 6 mo.
        Thank you again for the help.

      • Also Jenn. Can this formula make her skin dry and/or itchy. Her skin seems to be more dry.

      • Hello,

        It shouldn’t do anything negative to her skin.

        You should be using pure almond oil or coconut oil, jojoba or shea buyer on her skin. For very dry patches open a capsule of Evening Primrose Oil and apply directly to the affected area.

  33. Hi, I’m having a hard time getting my seven month old to take this formula. I’m making my own rice milk because I can’t get my hands on Earth’s Own. Any other suggestions for rice milk brands to make it easier? I’m also using pea protein instead of rice protein and hemp oil instead of flax. He was taking it at first after a couple of days, but then we had to go back to similacs alimentum and now I can’t get him to take it again. Any advice?

    • Have you tried Rice Dream, Yu or So Delicious? you could also try taking out the molasses and putting a liquid infant iron drop in instead?

      Keep trying, consistency is key with getting them used to something new. If he truly won’t take it, it is possible he may have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients…

      Do you have access to food sensitivity testing through a Naturopath around you?

  34. Bernadine Lightfoot says:

    Hey Jenn

    Thank you for this awesome recipe. I had similar problems as everyone else with my little boy. He is 8 months old now and I wish I had this recipe months ago- how much head and heartache it would’ve saved us! I am using oat milk as my base- could you please tell me if it is okay to do half oat and half water? Carbs seem to bloat him hence my question. He eats loads of veggies, meat etc.

    Also, is the ferrum phos instead of molasses enough iron? I give him only the ferrum phos at night as the molasses seems to give him energy.

    Thank you!

    • Hello and your welcome!

      The oat milk should be okay but once he is around 10 months I would switch up between almond, flax and hemp milk too a they are nut and seed based not starch based and should be easier for him to digest.

      I wouldn’t cut the oat milk with water and he needs the calories and extra nutrients its providing. I would watch how much he is eating in way of meat though. He should be 10-12 months before they are introduced as the digestive system and kidneys aren’t developed or strong enough yet to handle the extra protein and amino acids. He should be doing more variety of fruits, veg, beans, lentils, some gluten free grains such as quinoa, millet, brown rice and amaranth.

      You can add in infant liquid iron drops along with the ferrum phos.

      Don’t feel the need to overwhelm his system with it in supplement form, he is also getting it from his foods he’s eating now too.

      Good luck:)

  35. hello, i was wondering if this formula is for a specific weight? my son is 7 1/2 months and im not producing enough milk and im in need of a supplement, fast. other people arent so sure on this (family, friends -more into commercial formulas) just need support and advice. i really like this and think it would help. thanks, hope to hear back from you. haley

  36. Ann Fetters says:

    My 1 month old loves this formula and is doing well with it as a supliment but there is something settling out of it and clogging the nipple, what have I done wrong?

    • Hi Ann,

      You haven’t down anything wrong it cam happen with Rice based protein powders. You can try pea based or hemp but anytime you are working with a powder its a possibility. Make sure you have blended it thoroughly and part way through the feeding try taking the nipple off and mixing it a little again. You can also create a larger hole for the nipple.

      See how that goes!

  37. Stephanie says:

    Feeling nervous about trying this… Could I use almond milk? My husband and I don’t digest rice milk well. Can you reassure me that this has all the necessary nutrients? Is there possibly a nutrient chart I could compare to breat milk? My son is 10 mo so i am weaning him onto a milk instead of nursing but understand the necessity of a complete nutrition at his age. I want to make sure he is healthy…. I’m paranoid as a first time mom about meeting his needs

    • Hi Stephanie,

      With your son being 10 months old and I am assuming no history os nut allergies in the family yes you can alternate your milk options. I recommend switching from almond to coconut, rice, hemp or oat. Making sure to introduce each for 4-5 days straight to see if you notice any changes or negative issue/irritations. There is not a nutrient comparison chart, but yes it is completely balanced and the fact that he is ( I am assuming) also eating fruits, veggies, lean easy to digest protein sources and healthy fat then you have nothing to fear.

      The fact that you are even looking for alternatives to cows milk tells me you are soooo on the right track:))

  38. excited to try this out, I have 2 neocate babies and where we live we pay $56 for a 400g tin. My 2.5yr old has been on it since 6 months, and my 10 month old is soon going to be weaned off breastmilk {at 1yr} but I want to start giving her a few filler feeds between nursing to bulk her up a bit {she’s only 12.5lbs} and she can’t have dairy or soy. Thanks so much for this recipe, someone I know uses it for her little guy and they swear by it!

  39. just thought I’d add here: the Genestra brand probiotic contains dairy {milk} so I had to get a different brand, that’s vegan as my little ones can’t have milk or soy proteins.

    • Hi Emily,

      About 90% of all probiotics are dairy FOS based. My individuals even those with dairy sensitivities do fine with Genestra as it is a superior product.

      A great vegan choice you can purchase here in Ontario is Innovite’s DDS it is non-dairy and soy free.

      Give that one a try!


  40. I’m sharing your blog and this recipe in my Allergy Free Parenting group on fb! 🙂

  41. Tried skimming the comments- how long does the prepared formula last in the fridge? 2 days?

  42. tinakos2001@yahoo.ca says:

    I started my daughter on this formula at about 1 year old, as a substitute for homo-milk. She is now 18 months old and still loves it. I am wondering when it is safe to just give her straight Almond milk (without the added ingrediants) I was going to wait until she is 2 years old, when most usually go from homo to 2% milk when their diet is more complete.

    No allergies, I am just trying to avoid dairy milk for obvious reasons. Jen, when should I stop using this recipe and give straight milk?

    • I wouldn’t give her straight cows milk at any point. Keep her on the formula until 2 ish but go based on the variety of her diet nd then alternate her between almond, rice, hemp and coconut milk. Her calcium will come through them but mainly her greens, nuts, seeds etc..

  43. Oh my God, is this the solution?! I read all (or most of) the comments to try and gather as much information as possible before I go and ask questions, but here we go…My son is now 4 months old, he has bad reflux – he takes omeprazole and we add BioGaia probiotic drops to his bottle. He was never able to latch due to a traumatic birth and maybe (probably) my nipple shape…I was able to pump and almost exclusively BF him for 2 months. From that time on, He has been on formula. Regular cow’s formula gives him a BAD diaper rash. The day I switched him to a gentle formula his rash cleared completely within 24h. After a while on gentle formula his poop just didnt look right to me, too green and painfull! Switched to soy and he became a happy boy, that was untill I found all the horror stories about soy. I bought a lactose free formula and within one day his diaper rash is coming back. What do I do? Where do I go! He needs good nutrition, thats GMO free, hormone free, lactose free, Martek’s DHA free…I think everybody here knows that does not exist in stores…Now, formula is his ONLY source of nutrition. If I try this rice milk formula, will he be okay?! Because of the reflux his doctor told us to start solids now so maybe I can make a perfect combo with something solid…I don’t know…Im so exhausted of looking for a solution I dont think I believe I found this site!
    Any suggestions are appreciated!

    • Oh my! DO NOT start him on solids yet, his reflux is an indication that his digestive system isn’t mature enough yet. Most infants now aren’t ready for solids until somewhere between 6-10 months. Think about it…if he’s having trouble with pure liquid how is his little tummy going to digest solid food?

      Yes, get him off soy and try the formula, take it step by step and notice how he feels, mood, diapers etc. it can take a little finessing in the beginning but I can assure you that being on a hypoallergenic dairy free formula will be much better.

      let me know how it goes:)


  44. Can this formula be used with a newborn? I am considering adopting a little one and everything I read about commercial formulas freaks me out! I also know I definately want to persue a dairy free formula and everything I read tells me soy formula is not a better option. Help please! 😉

  45. Would this be suitable for a 7 week old?

  46. What can i use to substitute for the rice protein?

    • hemp or pea

      • Melanie Fefergrad says:

        thanks for getting back to me. Just curious to know how long it lasts outside of the fridge. I need to get on it asap as she is definitely allergic to the milk and refuses anything else. Hoping she will accept this. Should I start with the rice milk first and then slowly introduce the other ingredients one at a time (4 day rule does it apply?) Should I do it alternating between bottles? and slowly eliminate her formula?

      • If you are making it fresh use it within 2-3 hours of being in the bottle and her starting to drinking it. If it is from the fridge and steam heated then within 1 hour. Start with the milk base on its own and yes follow the 4 day rule slowly adding one thing at a time and see how she does.

        In conjunction with this begin using good quality evening primrose oil on her body as a moisturizer no creams or lotions. nothing with parabens, sodium laureate sulfate, perfumes etc. If she doesn’t improve within 1 week of this formula I recommend taking her in for food sensitivity testing to a Naturopath.

        keep me posted


  47. Hi, my 21 week old son has tested positive for a milk allergy. We have tried soy, partially hydrolyzed and amino acid based formulas but none clear up all symptoms. He is currently on Similac Alimentum because it doesn’t cause GI trouble but his eczema and chronic congestion persist. Is this formula safe for a baby his age? Do you have any storage tips or travel tips for this receipe? Thank you!

    • Hi Leanne,

      Yes this formula is gentle and effective enough for newborns as well. You should notice a big difference in his GI almost immediately, the skin may take a week or two, try applying evening primrose oil directly to skin, everywhere that is affected 1-2 daily to help speed the process up. You can read further comments below for storage tips in terms of travel can you be more specific about the timeframe you are referring to?


  48. My daughter is turning 12 months old this week and she’s been on this formula since she was about 7 months old as a supplement to breastfeeding when I was losing milk supply going back to work. I just finished breast feeding completely about a month ago and she’s been on this formula only. She loves it & we’ve had no problems. She likes rice milk the best so that’s usually the base I use. I’m wondering if I should keep up with it just as I have been or do I need to change it based on her age now? She does’t have any allergies that we know of. I just didn’t care to use commercial formulas. We don’t use cow’s milk in our family (not because of allergies but b/c it’s not healthy) so I need to either keep mixing a formula or just give straight rice milk or something. She takes solids great, loves to eat, lots of fruits, veggies & grains. Should I continue with this recipe or change it up a bit? Thank you so much!! Janelle

  49. Jenn,

    Our baby was born at 33 weeks 4 days. He is now 6 weeks old. He started on Neosure at the NICU where he spent 2 weeks. When we brought him home he was still on Neosure. The next couple weeks we noticed he had blood in his stool and so we switched him to Alimentum. He was on Alimentum for about a week. Still observed blood in stool and he began screaming with this formula. We switched to Neocate which he has been on for two and a half weeks now. He is not doing any better. He stays up all night screaming and crying as if he is in pain. Apparently there is not any formula made without both dairy and soy but my family suffers from allergies to both of these including wheat. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am tempted on trying this but I feel I don’t have a choice.

    • Hi Ana,

      Oh my that is not fun for anyone:( I think you need to try this, he is body is clearly not doing well with the others. Those formulas are not food and are highly irritating the gut and intestinal system. Being premature he already has an immature digestive system and his esophageal flap has probably not fully developed either. This leads to acid reflux and terrible pain for them. Please start with this formula, stay connected with me to trouble shoot. I would also like you to visit a Homeopathic Doctor to start using remedies to make him more comfortable and help to heal his gut. As he gets a bot older we can add in some organic aloe vera for his little tummy too.

      Where do you live?


    • Stephanie says:

      I use this for all of my sons milk intake… 32 oz a day!! He loves it and we had NO issues with it! He has a soy and dairy allergy. I took this to my peds office and they approved it and then just monitored to make sure he was gaining weight and he is 🙂 Good Luck

  50. Hi Iam very interested in this my daughter is 7 months old and has a milk protein intolerance but also she was born with a congenital heart problem which has been fixed with surgery so our other problem is getting enough calories she is starting to eat some solids currently she is on 22 calorie formula and refuses to take it from a bottle I was wondering how many calories are in this thanks

    • Hi Aimee,

      It depends on which brand of each product you are using to make the formula with and how big her servings are. Try making a full batch from the recipe with your specific ingredients and then divide it by how many ounces she is drinking and that should give you your caloric intake for her. You can also alternate between the coconut, hemp, oat, quinoa, rice and almond milks to vary the calories in each. Are you feeding her avocados yet? They are a fabulous source of fat and calories. ALso apply good quality essential fatty acids to her skin; evening primrose oil, jojoba, coconut, almond, shea and borage are fabulous!

  51. Hey jenn,
    My 8 month old is intolerant to amines, salicylates, yeast, whey, gluten and egg yolk. Is your rice formula free of all these? I’m pretty keen to keep breast feeding but am finding it extremely stressful being on such a restricted diet, introducing solids to him, and cooking “normal” meals for the rest of the family.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • H Abby,

      There are no eggs, no yeast and no whey, the other 3 offenders for him would all depend on which brands you are using. Double check with your local health food store or the companies themselves before buying them. I would definitely recommended to continue nursing for as long as you can; I am assuming you are avoiding all of his offending foods as well?

      You should be focusing on organic fruits and veggies for the first 6-9 months, at 10 month you can introduce some beans, ground seeds and lentils, by 11 months some white fish and by 12 months some quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, millet, goat cheese, goat yogurt, almond yogurt, coconut yogurt, organic chicken and homemade veggie ‘burgers’, brown rice and quinoa pasta etc.

      Keep up the great work Mom!

  52. HI there,

    I was so happy when I stumbled across this recipe…
    Unfortunately I couldn’t breastfeed. My son is 4 months old, is on reflux medication, has mild eczema and has a cows milk protein intolerance.
    Soy didn’t work and neither did goats milk formulas.

    Our paediatrician has put him on Pepti-Junior (a prescription semi-elemental formula). For the past 2 months, this has been working well however he is refusing to drink it now(I’d say due to the disgusting taste!).

    I’m at my wits end with it all. Feeding time is so stressful lately and he will clamp his mouth shut and eventually cry. He has about 30mL of his formula to take an edge off his hunger then he doesn’t want anymore. But he is definitely hungry and it breaks my heart.

    I thought rice milk would be a good option but it doesn’t have the nutrients needed. I think this recipe is what I’ve been looking for 🙂


    • Hi Victoria,

      I am so glad you found this too!

      You can use rice, hemp, coconut or flax milks right now and after a few months (when he is around 8 months) on the one that suits him best you can start to offer quinoa, oat or almond milk.

      let me know if you have any questions:)


  53. My son has a soy and milk(dairy allergy). I am pumping about 30 oz of breast milk daily. I have also avoided milk and soy in my diet. Things got better but I desperately need a suppliment. We have.tried goats milk and he rsheed out. I want to try this rice milk but I am afraid he will be allegic to it. The reason I say this is because I started thickEnong his feeds with rice ceral and I notice his skin seems to be irritated. If he is 3 months can I try coconut or hemp milk?

    • Hi Dara,

      Yes you can use both coconut and hemp. Try him on each for 3-4 days first to make sure he has no sensitivities and then you are safe to move forward. He also shouldn’t be having ANY grains until he’s at least 10 months old. He is far too young for any grains, his first foods should come at 6-7 months with them being strictly fruits and veggies from 6-8 month maybe even 9 months depending on how he’s responding.

      I don’t think it was the rice itself that bothered but perhaps the fact that his digestive system is not strong enough for any grains assimilation.

      Let me know how it goes?


  54. Hi. Is there a substitute for the rice ingredients?

  55. I think that is among the such a lot vital information for me.
    And i’m happy reading your article. However want to commentary on few normal issues, The website style is perfect, the articles is in reality excellent : D. Just right job, cheers

  56. Hi Jenn, I have a 9 month old who is allergic to dairy and wheat (severe), soy, corn, egg, beef, peas, pistachios, white potatoes… I think that might be all. I came across this formula and it seems SO much better (and less expensive) than the neocate formula he is currently on. He was having reactions to the processed milk proteins in even the “hypoallergenic” nutramigen… He’s a solid 20-21 lbs and I just want him to be healthy and happy, but we can’t afford the neocate much longer. We have a referral to a nutrionalist in Austin, TX at Dell Children’s hospital. Is this something that I need to have them sign off on?
    Thanks so much! Anna

    • Hi Anna,

      oh boy Neocate and Nutramigen, I know they are all full of crap. So insane that they prescribe this as a ‘healthy’ alternative to babes:(

      No, you don’t need anyone to sun off on this…you are the parents:) Try him on this formula for 3-4 days and notice what you notice, any issues at all please email me at balancing bodies@rogers.com. I am usually able to respond within 24-48 hours.

      Such a great Mom for sourcing out healthier options of your baby, one lucky little man:)


      • Hi, I have purchased all of the ingredients but the multivitamin. There is a discrepancy in the dosages available. Most infant vitamins have a dosage of 1ml per day, but your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon. My son drinks between 24-32 ounces a day, so 1 tablespoon seems like quite a bit. (1tbsp = 14.787 ml)
        Is this correct or should I be looking at the dosage on the bottle as a guideline for the vitamins? (The d drops in your recipe follow the dosage of the d drops daily dosage, which is why I’m asking.)

      • Hi Anna,

        Yes pls refer to your bottle for the appropriate dosages before adding to the formula:)

      • Jenn,
        I did refer to the vitamins for the dose and my pediatrician suggested getting rid of the molasses due to the risk of giving an infant under 1 syrup like honey, etc… He’s been on this since Tuesday and oh my! He’s sleeping better, his little legs and arms are smoothing out, and he seems happier! Now, his eczema is flaring today, but our whole family was hit with the flu Friday and Saturday, so a flare was expected since fevers do that.
        But thank you so much! I did up the flax seed oil to 5 teaspoons and the protein to 8 teaspoons to match the neocate per fluid ounce nutrition. But at $0.10-$0.13 per fluid ounce compared to $0.42/oz neocate we are happy with a natural food for our son that WORKS & doesn’t break us. Thank you!

  57. My son is almost 6 weeks old and while I produce plenty of breast milk, I can’t stay ahead on pumping it. I go back to work in a week and just want an emergency back up for my husband if he runs out of frozen breast milk. Is baby too young to have this? I’ve given him commercial soy formula and he broke out and was super gassy and constipated. Would really like to have something waiting in the wings just incase it’s needed. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa,


      Yes, please sty off the soy formula, usually the first ingredients of High Fructose Corn Syrup and as a whole its the farthest thing from food.You can try this formula with him, start off using brown rice milk and see how he does. You will know within about 2-4 days if it is resonating well with his body. The only issue I have ever had any of the literally thousand of mom’s using is sometimes the molasses needing to be switched up.

      keep me posted


  58. My twins suffer dreadful reflux & I am going to move them to rice formula now they are 8 months & ready to be weaned off breastmilk. I love your recipe & look forward (with hope) to trying it. Does your recipe need to add calcium too?

    • Hi Emma,

      Poor babies:( You do not need to add extra calcium as using either the Rice, Hemp or Almond milk all contain 30% RDA, same as cow’s milk but easy to digest and non-inflammatory in their bodies:)

      Please let me know how it goes!

  59. Richard Kane D.C. says:

    Thank you for the info but I live in Jakarta Indonesia where a lot of these products are not available. Any suggestions? My son is full te but severe Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. First 33 days in NICU. Out on Chistmas day with recommendation to “wean” him from the oxygen. Which we did. 9 days later, on the wsy yo Md’s office, he stopped breathing twice on the car and teice at hospital. Hospital full. Changed to other hospital and doctor. No visible infection. Lots of mucous. New Rx is for continued O2. But formula os Enfamil A+ HA. He has chest sounds, cough, wheeze. Recommendations??? HELP. PLEASE.

    • Hi Richard,

      I am sorry to hear about how much has unfolded since the birth of your son, how lucky he is though to have a chiropractic for a Dad to adjust him and help his little nervous system:) I would recommend taking him off of the formula and noticing if you hear and feel a difference in the level of inflammation and mucus in his respiratory system. The formula will be much easier for him to digest and therefor allow his body more energy to heal and not have to work so hard at digesting a cow based product, that we both know he shouldn’t being having anyway.

      What types of ingredients do you have access too? Let me know and I will see if we can create something?


  60. Hello my name is Jennifer, doula and student midwife. Have you had any newborns that have used this to supplement as momma’s milk let’s down? If so what has the feed back been. I have used only with one @ 1 week old- parents giving formula:( his stomach was in so much pain! He did very well, with in 2 days he was content and happy. Dad was very sceptical and die coded to try different formulas:( all the problems started up again!! Can u give any feedback on newborns, with this
    homemade formula?- thank u jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer:)

      I have had literally hundreds of newborns use this formula with amazing success. I always find it interesting that as parents we trust that the ingredients found in commercial formulas, half of which we can’t pronounce or understand are totally find and healthy for our brand new life, yet something that is homemade from purely amazing ingredients is less then worthy or optimal.

      Please ensure these parents that this formula is more then suitable for their son.


  61. amber hamill says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this recipe. I have a condition called hypoplasia and am unable to nurse my daughter full time. This is a condition where I do not have enough mammary glands to store the amount of milk my daughter needs at a feed. Therefore no amount of suplements will make me produce enough as my breast are only capable of holding so much milk.

    We started my daughter on this formula at 5 months old and she is a completely different child. She was diagnosed by her family doctor with a dairy allergy due to blood in her stool. However the doctor told me to continue giving her the dairy formula as she would not take the hypoallergenic. As I found out with a little research, hypoallergenic formula is a horrible option anyways. I wish I would have known about this with my first daughter. My five month old now poops 3 x a day instead of once every 3 days. She is much more content as well. I am so thankful for this recipe! It has changed our lives.

    Now that I have two children with dairy allergies, we are a dairy free home. However, I am concerned about our next child. I know that I will most likely be unable to nurse them full time either. How early is too early to supplement with this formula? I ended up supplementing both daughters within days after birth. Is this nutritionally complete enough for a baby that young? I never want to look at or buy commercial formula again. I should also point out that I continue to breast feed even though my daughter gets about an ounce and a half at a feed. I enjoy breastfeeding and will plan to nurse the next one with whatever amount I have.

    Thank you again,


    • Amber!!!

      What a rockstar Mama you are!!

      Seriously, you are amazing:) and yes you can begin with this formula right away, supplementing with as little as an ounce of breast milk will only help and enhance your babies ability to digest food in general.

      Pls keep me posted!


      • amber hamill says:

        Also, I am using coconut milk as the base. I noticed you mentioned there is no need to worry about calcium in other forms of milk. I am using the Genestra brand pediavite. Should I be adding calcium to the coconut milk?

      • Hi Amber,

        Coconut milk does not have any calcium, only Rice, Almond, Hemp, Flax and Oat do, so yes if you are exclusively using the coconut milk then please add a liquid calcium according to the directions on the bottle for children aged 2 and under.Genestra Pediavite is an excellent multi but until your child is eating a more varied diet OR if you choose to alternate between the coconut milk and the other milks then you wouldn’t need to add any.

        hope this helps!

    • Amber, did you use canned coconut? I’m starting this formula soon for my 5 week old,. I produce 20 ounces of breastmilk and am so excited to try Jenn’s recipe. He’s being supplemented w neocate right now ( yuck)…we r also a dairy free home bc of severe allergies. Anyway, canned coconut hardens in the fridge so I’m curious what u used. I’m debating on which of Jenn’s suggested milks to use …

  62. what about calcium?does this formula have enough calcium?

    • Yes, when using Rice, Almond, Flac, Hemp or Oat milk you are looking at 30% RDA calcium the exact same as dairy based formulas. THE main difference is that these calcium sources are easier to digest then cows sources.


  63. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this! I use flax milk instead of the rice milk and after trying even prescription formula my daughter was still having major tummy issues. We tried this and noticed an IMMEDIATE difference. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Hi Elisha,

      Oh I am so happy to hear this:) Yes you can substitute any of the milk alternatives and I would recommend changing up the source so that her system doesn’t get too used to or desensitized to the enzymes found in the flax milk.

      I am so happy to hear about your experience, its a crime that more doctors don’t know this info to provide for their families and babies.


      • Just wanted to update that my daughter is still doing fantastic on this. We have changed up the milk between the flax milk and a mixture of coconut and rice milk. Also switched over to coconut oil instead of flax oil. She has a happy tummy now and our pedi, pedi GI, and pedi nutritionist have all signed off on it! She was also able to go completely off of her reflux medication after being on this for 4 days!!! So again, thank you!

        PS-For those wondering about cost, I did out the math and it comes out to about $20-23 per 64oz (which is what a can of elecare powder makes). Definitely cost-effective.

      • Hi Elisha,

        That is fantastic!!

        Oh, I’m so happy to hear she is happy and off her medication:)

        Also, thank you for sharing the cost of this version of the formula I will share with my Mommy bloggers when I return from holidays!

        Enjoy your super nourished baby girl!


        Sent from my iPad

  64. Would this be nutritionally enough for a four month old child? She is on soy formula now and hates it. She throws most of it up.

    • This is so fabulous for a 4month old I started my children at 2 months and 6 months and they are now 6 years and 4 years and wonderfully healthy. Soy formulas are so harmful as they contain ton a high fructose corn syrup, and are made from GMO’d soy products. Keep me posted on how her transition goes?


  65. Hello Jenn
    I just found your recipe and I am really excited to give it a try, I just have to get all the stuff because I’m from outside the U.S. and here in Guatemala they are not so easy to find
    My baby just turned 4 months and she is actually on nutramigen (a type of elemental formula) we have been struggling this 4 months trying to find a formula that suites her with no success.
    I just wanted to know if coconut oil is safe enough for young babies?
    I also have a 6 year old boy, who is really allergic and he is always congested. I just visited a new doctor that told me that we have to remove the soy, eggs and nuts from his diet apart from dairy of course, what else can I add to your recipe for him?? He is really underweight and bellow average height
    Looking forward for your response
    Best Regards

    • Hi Jenny,

      Okay, well Nutramigen would be a formula we would want to work towards getting her off of, so for both of your children coconut oil is a beautiful choice for your healthy fat; what type of ingredients are available to make the formula with? with these recommendations for your son, did the doctor do any food sensitivity testing or is he assuming these are issues for him?

      I would agree with soy and dairy of sure as well as peanuts but are you positive he is sensitive to organic eggs and raw nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans and cashews?

      give me a little more info and then I can guide you form there…


  66. Hi! My son is 7 weeks old, and all the doctors can tell me is that he has severe reflux. We have been on soy milk, Alimentum, Zantac, Rentadine, and now Prevacid. Needless to say nothing has worked! My chiropractor has started massaging him and using the activator in him but he has also started him on probiotics. I know this wont hurt him; however, nothing is working still yet. I’ve spent over $500 in copayments and medication in 4 weeks. My son stays hungry because he doesn’t keep anything down! My chiro suggested maybe an almond or rice based formula and maybe goat milk between feedings. I need help!!!! I know he has to be miserable and it makes it hard on us as well! Suggestions????

    • Hi Nessa,

      Oh my, poor baby this sounds like what we went through my first born Emerson who is now 6 1/2 years old! I am happy to hear about the chiro and probiotics but yes you definitely need to get him on this formula. Start with the rice milk as his base and see how he does. let me know if you need any help along the way…

      hold off on the goat until you can get his gut and digestion under control.


      • Hi Jenn,
        Is there any worry about the arsenic levels for infants when drinking rice milk as their main food? I’ve just read so much about it being bad for infants that we switched to hemp milk (which he loves too), but the rice milk worried me. We’ve got a referral we are waiting on for a nutritionist, but “Dr. google” gives me worry about rice based milks. He’s been on this for 3 weeks now and seems happy and healthy and his body eczema is clearing up. 🙂
        Thank you!

  67. My son has been on formula since he was four months old. He just turned ten months and has recurring ear infections every two weeks for the post two months. I tested the first one with anti biotics but the subsequent ones with garlic oil drops and colloidal silver. He has eczema too. His doctor (MD) dismissed my concerns about a food allergy and sadly the closest naturopath is an hour and a half away! What do you think? He eats a lot of solids already including meat, fruits, veggies and crackers and grains. He’s had yogurt but it makes him poop lot and he doesn’t need help with that!

    • Hi Megan,

      okay first off, yes please get him off of ALL dairy 100% of it and put him on this formula. The second thing is I would also reduce his grains considerably and focus on organic fruits, veggies, ground seeds and organic lean sources of protein. If you are to give any grains pls use quinoa, amaranth or brown rice but not too often. His body will do best and have a better time reducing the inflammation in his system with what I have suggested. I would also recommend garlic oil in his ears and chiropractic or osteopathic adjustments.

      I hope this helps:)


  68. I am trying your recipe for my 5 month old son. I can not BF and canned formula is aweful for babies. My question is why you do not use lactose, why you choose to use coconut oil instead of small amounts of 3 or 4 different oils…other recipes call for cream, why don’t you? And why do other recipes call for gelatin? We can’t eat it anyway but I’m just curious.
    Also, do you have any ideas of why i should be giving my 2 year old each day for vitamins and such. We just switched his diet to all organic so i’m trying to be as healthy as I can.

    • Hi Danielle,

      I don’t use lactose because it is cow dairy based and that is one of the major causes of digestive, respiratory and skin upset, it is highly inflammatory and difficult to digest. I actually do recommend, if you read further back in these post, to use either or flax, hemp or coconut. You can switch them each time you finish off a bottle or container of the oil. I do not use nor recommend gelatine, most recipes call for this for a desired consistency.

      For your 2 year old pls visit your nearest health food store so that they can properly steer you towards the best supplements available to you based on his needs,

      For me to do this would require a consultation.


  69. Bonnie Meiklejohn says:

    Hi, my baby girl and I have been muscle tested, and are dairy, wheat and soy intolerant. We have had certain home made formula’s recommended. Out of them all yours appeals to me the most. My daughter is 5 months old tomorrow. I am exclusively breastfeeding, and returning to work next Friday. Expressing doesn’t work for me, I just can’t get enough no matter when or how I try it. So I’m considering your formula. Any tips for me?



    • Hi Bonnie,

      I think this sounds like a perfect fit you and your babe:)

      Create the batch and test her on this for 3-4 days without changing anything else in her diet.

      let me know if you need any help along the way!

  70. My son is 8.5 weeks old and is receiving a little breastmilk and supplemented with a commercial formula for the rest. I never planned on having issues with milk production so as I do research on commercial formulas I am very uncomfortable giving it to my son. I have a dairy sensitivity and although my son doesnt seem to be reacting negatively to the formula, id prefer not to be giving my son non organic dairy if any dairy at all. My sister is a dietician and she directed me to your site. Would ou recommend this formula to an infant of 2 months?

    • Hello!

      I have had lots of babes, including my own who are now healthy and strong at 6.5 and 4.5 years old use this formula from birth along with breast milk. If you can try adding even a tbsp – 1 oz of breast milk and that will help him digest it even more. You are doing a wonderful things and his little body will thank you for it again and again!


  71. My son is 2 mo old and I currently give a small amount of breast milk and have t o supplement with formula due to low milk production. I hate giving him commercial formula. I have a dairy sensitivity and a family history full of cancers. The more I read about dairy and formula in general I’m driven to find an alternative, would this recipe work for a young infant? How does it compare o breast milk and a commercial formula from a nutritional breakdown? Thanks!

    • Hi Megan,

      Yes this recipe is okay for a young infant, I have tons of babies from birth some who have been in NICU on this formula and thriving. Plus the more breast milk you can add even better! This formula is real food, whole food based. Breast milk is obviously the prize winner in trims of nutrients but this is pretty darn close to it. The problem with commercial formulas is that even though the label will tell you its balanced, has the right combo and amt of nutrients; its been so processed, full of sugar and ingredients that poor babes can’t even digest. When they can’t digest they can’t absorb, hence why soooo many babies have reflux, eczema, bowel issues, vomitting etc.

      I hope that helps you…

  72. Hi there! My daughter is ten months and was exclusively breast fed until now. She throws up any and all formula. I am excited to try this, but I have a few questions. First off, where can I buy all of these items? And how much does this make? Will it make more than what she will eat in 48 hours? She eats 4 6-8 ounce bottles a day. Thanks! :).

    • Hi Chrissy,

      You should be able to purchase all ingredients at your local health food store. Where do you live?

      The recipe makes about 64 oz. and costs usually between $20-$23.

      I believe she will do wonderful on this:)


  73. My daughter had her first child, who is a only 5 weeks now. She is breast feeding but isn’t able to produce enough to satisfy and she started supplementing with formula which she isn’t tolerating very well. Constipation. I don’t want her to go the soy route and found this article and was wondering if you know if 5-6 weeks old is too young for this. I had also found a recipe for goats milk formula to consider. thanks

    • Hi Janis,


      Yes this formula is fine for any age baby, the only issue some parents have is that you may need to use a stage 2 nipple as the formula is a bit thicker. Goat milk can also be much easier to digest and breakdown, but not for every child so you will need to try both formulas and see how the baby does.

      I hope this helps you!

  74. Hi Jen, my 8mnth daughter is done breastfeeding and is constantly throwing up her dairy formula. I can’t give her the non dairy commercial stuff it’s full of crap!!! I’m opposed to dairy as it is!!! I’ve tried your recipe and she just keeps puking…. What should I do? I have tried all the lowest amounts indicated and I’m just frustrated, I want my baby to get good nourishment, without being sick all the time 😦 thanks

    • Hi Alexii,

      Oh, I am sorry to hear about your daughter:(

      I would need a little more info before I can give you any greater detail or suggestions in what to do next.

      If you are interested in doing a phone consult we could start with a 30 minute session $60 and go form there…

      Please let me know!


  75. Carolina Hunter says:

    My baby is two months old she was having troubles with formulas even neocate she has been taking this home made formula for three days, but she hasn’t have bowel movement, she is sleeping better and grunting less….

    • Hi Carolina,

      I am so happy to hear she is no longer on the neonate, this is such a whole foods based formula and so much better for her little system. Do you get her adjusted by a chiropractic? I would highly recommend tho sot help balance out her nervous system and to nourish the nerve moving through/around the lumbar and sacral areas of the spine. They become highly irritated and sublimated when under digestive upset an this can contribute to constipation.

      The other thing you can try is giving her a bit of organic pure coconut water which is rich in magnesium and fibre to help her pass the initial stool that she is probably still affecting by/from the neocate.

      where do you live? Maybe I can refer a Chiro?

    • carolina hunter says:

      I feel sometimes that my baby is not full enough I give her more oz but I am concern if she is getting onough protein. I tried to add a scoop of goats milk but she started having foul stool and gases.

  76. Hi, Just by reading the ingredients, I can tell that this will be a great alternative for my 8 month old who has, milk,egg, soy and wheat allergies. She is on goat’s milk right now but I’m afraid that she is not getting enough nutrients and vitamins from it. What do you think, her doctor is trying to get me to use some formula that smells and taste horrible to me and I just cannot give my baby that stuff, I refuse! Can I make my own rice milk instead of the store bought stuff (I am on a budget)? Thanks for this recipe!

  77. I just used your formula today and I am hoping that my baby dont get the rash she gets when she drink almond milk or others formulas . I have my fingers cross right now . I loved this article .

    • Hello:)

      I hope you have success with it too!

      I have had great feedback form mom’s all over the world, rice milk is very hypoallergenic so you should be good to go!

  78. Claire Bellamy says:

    Hi there… I’m desperate. Daughter turning 6 months… same horrible time as other moms.. dairy and soy intolerance , daughter reflux still but colic gone. On neocate. Doesn’t sleep. Won’t b put down… I’m at breaking point as I have an autistic son who demands a lot too.
    Bottom line- can she have this formula exclusively do you think ? Using coconut milk as I think she’s allergic to rice I think.
    Please reply asap 🙂
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Claire,

      Yes, she can absolutely be on this formula exclusively. You can try coconut milk, organic Brown Rice milk, flax milk, hemp, oat and almond as a base too. Don’t give up.

      Keep me posted:)

  79. Hello! I have a 7-month boy. We’ve tried ALL types if formulas including hypoallergenics but had no luck. I wanted to know if your specific formulation would be good for him given his age. Thank you!

  80. I maybe in the processes of adopting a new born and want to give them the healthiest start possible. Can this recipe be used for a newborn baby? Thanks!

  81. I am looking to adopt a new baby within the next few months and want to give them the healthiest start possible. Can homemade formula be made using almond milk?


    • Hi Amanda,

      Oh, that is so exciting, congratulations!!!!

      I am actually adopted myself:)

      Yes, you can absolutely use this for your yummy new baby. If you need any help trouble shooting please don’t hesitate to contact me:)

  82. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, and recipe. It has been a life savor. My little guy reacted to cows milk at 6 days old and I was completely unable to nurse. Thus began the difficult task of finding something that my man could eat, keep down, and would not irritate his system.

    He loves your recipe, sucks it down fast, and it agrees beautifully with his system.

    I am having issues with the protine powder seperating out. I am concerned by how much can be left, even with lots of mixing. We are moving him to larger nipples, as he is collapsing the ones he has now, and hope this helps. I was wondering if you had any other suggestions.

    • Hi ELizabeth,

      Your story is such a common one:(

      I LOVE that he is guzzling this back haha:)

      Yes, the protein can be an issue sometimes, a larger nipples can help as well as mixing the protein separately with some water or milk and pressing/mixing it well before adding to the formula.

      try that and see how it goes!

  83. I am so glad I found this recipe! I make all my baby food but never thought I could make formula-until now 😉 You have so much amazing feedback/knowledge and was wondering how you feel about vaccines? My little one recently had a bad reaction. My doctor says its fine but I feel like I’m injecting poison into my baby and after looking into whats in them I really don’t want to give him anymore. It’s such a hard decision and was just wondering what advice you have. Thanks!!! Lori

    • Hi Lori,

      I am happy to hear you are enjoying the recipe and additional info!

      I myself do not vaccinate our 2 children and decided not to after king a lot of research on my own and consulting with my huge tribe of holistic and allopathic colleagues. i also listened in very closely on peoples human experiences with their vaccine issues. As a family our prevention begins and ends with whole foods, exercise, good quality supplements, regular chiropractic adjustments, osteopath visits and having a close relationship with our Homeopath who truly helps us navigate any of our health related issues.

      Its a very personal choice but one that only you can make. You can’t be bullied into it or choose based on fear-education. Do your homework and find supportive practitioners around you

      I hope that helps!

  84. Hello. Wanting to start my 4 month old on this formula. If I use coconut milk as the base, should I still add extra coconut or flax oil, since coconut milk has such a high fat content? Also! if I’m using coconut milk is there anything else I should add besides the calcium? Thank you!!

    • Hi,

      Yes, even though coconut milk does have good fats I would still add the extra fat. Watch and notice, if the bowels are too lose then try changing up the milk base to either organic brown rice or unsweetened almond or hemp. Are you adding the liquid multi vitamin?

  85. Melissa Joyce says:

    Hi Jenn,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for a allergen free rice based formula for my 13 year old son. Yes, you read that correctly, 13. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and he’s currently undergoing treatment. Due to the effects of the treatment he lost interest in food and we reached a point where it became necessary for him to have an NG feeding tube. Prior to his diagnosis he had many food allergies and sensitivities. He has a soy and peanut allergy and for a time was sensitive to dairy and gluten. I’ve been so careful about the food that he eats because of his allergies, it was difficult for me to accept that he would now be surviving on a liquid based diet with all kinds of ingredients I couldn’t recognize detailed on the can. The nutritionist who oversees his care assured me that this particular formula was the best allergen free formula available. So we followed her instruction and he’s been in the formula for a couple of months now.

    It’s taken me this long to observe him on the formula and I now think that the belly pain symptoms he’s been having may very well be connected to the formula. I want to try making my own rice based formula to give him and that led me to your blog and recipe. Do you know if the ingredient amounts would be different for nutrition of a 13 year old boy? I presume so. I would guess this particular issue may be a bit out of your field of knowledge, but thought I’d try contacting you to see if you might be able to guide me.

    I look forward to hearing from you!



    • Hi Melissa,

      WOW, this is quite the journey you have been I am so sorry:( I do think this would be a good option for your son, in terms of the ingredients and amounts, it may not be as palatable if you add more of any or ingredient. I would instead recommend not using the formula exclusively but combining it along with fresh green based juices and incredible smoothies. Are you familiar with Kris Carr the author of Crazy Sexy Cancer and The Crazy Sexy Diet? She is based out of New York and is fantastic when it comes to nourishment through cancer. You must purchase her books and watch her documentary she is a wealth of knowledge and a huge catalyst for getting through cancer and being healthier on the other side of it.

      My Father had cancer and when I got a glimpse of what the ‘nutritionist’ wanted him to eat and drink I was modified. Loads of dairy, chemical preservatives, refined sugars etc. everything needed to create more inflammation and digestive upset.

      I hope this helps you along the way!


  86. I am thinking about trying this formula. I first tried the liver formula by the healthy home economist. But the liver is tricky and this seems easier to make. I am concerned about the arsenic in rice though. What do you know about that?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Yes, the liver recipe is tricky and being a vegetarian wasn’t an option for me:)

      I would alternate between Organic Brown Rice Milk, Organic Unsweetened Hemp and Coconut Milk. How old is your baby?

  87. Hi Jenn,

    Thank you so much for posting this formula recipe. I had my son in July at 33 weeks / 3 days due to severe pre-eclampsia. He spent 23 days in the NICU for slow eating and on a small amount of oxygen. In the NICU they had him on NeoSure and sent him home on it. 2 weeks home and he had severe acid refulx and was diagnosed by the Pediatrician and given meds. I am not interested in giving him meds if I don’t have to. We changed his formula to Similac Sensitive and that helped very little. Then, I started giving him half formula, half organic rice milk, that I boiled down myself. My mother suggested this as it was all my brother could drink when he was a baby. My only concern is that if I try this recipe, this is all he will be drinking. I am not able to breast feed as my milk never came in. He is now 9 weeks old and is absolutely miserable. He spits up constantly and is always flailing his arms and legs like he is in pain. He does sleep a lot, but when he is awake all he does is cry. He is so constipated that he only goes every 3-6 days if we do not intervene by giving him prune juice, and then it is a diarrhea consistency. We are also giving him Natrum phos 6x 8 times a day after feedings. This seems to help a slight bit, at least it did at first, but now we are back to square one. It just breaks my heart that he is so miserable and in pain. This first time mama is so worried! Would you be willing to offer any advise? We would so appreciate it. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Hi Deb!
      I was also unable to breastfeed after a while. My baby had terrible constipation and I would cry watching him strain. I could almost cry just thinking about it. The problem for my son ended up being the dairy in the store bought formulas. I LOVE this recipe because it has no dairy and we do NOT have the constipation issues!! Try to get off of that stuff and see if just using this recipe works for your baby. I recently had my 4th baby and introduced this recipe at 3 months and my daughter and previous baby have both thrived, and are SOOO happy on this recipe!!!


    • Hi Deb,

      I am so sorry to hear everything that you have been going through, poor little man and poor you!

      ok, you need to begin him on this formula and as for his constipation if you don’t see an improvement in them form the formula, try a few things:

      1) only use pure oil on his entire body with particular focus on massaging his belly. Use almond oil, coconut, jojoba or raw sesame oil on him.

      2) make sure he is receiving 1/4 tsp powdered probiotics daily for his gut flora and immunity

      3) you can continue the Nat Phos and also try silica as well.

      Lets get him on this formula for 3-4 days and pls email me at balancingbodies@rogers.com and let me know how it goes


  88. Hi, my daughter doesn’t like the taste of this is it ok if i add some coconut sugar to the recipe?

    • Hello!

      Pls don’t add any sugar to her little system. It could be the molasses, play around with the amount of it and see if that makes a difference? how old is she?

  89. hi my name is Sara , and im struggling with formulas for my 9 month old son. he has multiple food allergies and severe eczema. I am wondering if there is something that I can substitute the cod liver oil for? how he is allergic to most fish as well including cod. Thank You.

  90. Hello!
    I used this recipe for my daughter 3 yrs ago and remember your recipe saying to use 1T of protein powder. Just wondering about the change in amount? Also can I use Pea Protein? One more question. Did you ever make your own rice milk? I’m going through a ton and was wondering if you have or recommend a recipe?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi!

      I make my own hemp, almond, and cashew milk I haven’t down rice but have friends who do and they love it!

      you can use pea protein, hemp, or rice and you will be fine. How old is your daughter now?

      • Thanks forgetting back to me Jenn! My newest daughter is now 5 months old and loving this recipe 🙂 I was wanting to make my own base milk. Which one do you think is the most cost effective? All I have ever used is the rice. Would you mind sharing a recipe?

  91. My baby is 4 months old and she is lactose intolerant and I am looking for a formula that doesn’t have corn syrup and sugar as the main ing. so I am thinking of making my own formula for supplementing as I breastfeed 95% of the time. Sometimes I can’t pump enough so I have to give her a bottle of formula. Is my daughter too young at 4 months old? Does anyone know if she is too young to drink this as a supplement?

  92. jessica brondyke says:

    Hi Jenn,
    My daughter is 4 1/2 months old and she has about 1-2 bottles a day of formula and the rest is breast-milk. I have been pumping for the last month because of thrush issues. I would love to use this recipe instead of supplementing with formula. I have a few questions:
    #1- I was wondering if cod liver oil is essential or if I could use all coconut oil.
    #2- Also, do I need to melt the coconut oil before mixing it in the other ingredients?
    I am so thankful for people like you who research and come up with things like this. Thank you! I just ordered some of the ingredients and plan on making this when they come in! I can’t wait to try it out!

    • Hi Jessica,

      You can use coconut oil and yes I would let it come to slighter warmer then room to liquify first before adding to formula but you can alternate between coconut oil, cod liver, hemp oil, Udo’s 369 they are all great and quite balanced for her.

      Getting her off the commercial formula with so much extra sugar should make a big difference in her thrush. Make sure you are cutting your sugar down and that are treating yourself for the thrush with probiotics and gentian violet in quite for this as well


      • Thank you for replying.
        She had breastmilk exclusively for the first 3.5 months and she had thrush then (before formula) My thrush is gone because I’m pumping and not breastfeeding now. I’m hoping the probiotic in the recipe will help her thrush! Also, the rice protein powder didn’t seem to dissolve when I mixed it. (any suggestions?) is the mixture a brown color when all mixed together?

      • the protein powder is commonly an issue, it doesn’t matter if its rice, hemp or pea based either. You need to mix it well and sometimes need to open the bottle mid-feed and using a small whisk or the back of a fork the get in. The other thing you can do is any left over powder you can put on your clean finger or soother for her to suck off. The colour is brown but that is form the molasses.

  93. My son is 7 months old with cow’s milk protein intolerance. He is on neocate and has hated it since day 1. I have always struggled to get him to drink it and ever since starting solids, he has completely refused to drink the formula. I’m desperate to get some nutrient in him The doctor says if he won’t drink the neocate then he’ll need an NG tube to put it in. I’m thinking of trying this rice milk based formula on him. I have a question re: cod liver oil. Is that likely to be tolerated if he can’t tolerate fish?

    • Hi Diana,

      Yes you can use coconut oil or hemp oil for him. I really think he is going to do well on this. Keep me posted!!


      • I have twig the formula a little bit as he dislike the smell and taste of molasses. I put iron supplement 8mL elemental iron / L of rice milk and omitted cod liver oil just in case he can’t tolerate it. I use 18mL flaxseed oil / L of rice milk instead. Is this formula nutritionally complete? He is not keen on solids and is an effort to get him to eat 1 tablespoon of solids twice a day.

  94. I have a 6 month old boy.. how has been breastfeeding. I had to why my job when he was 3 months because he wouldn’t take a bottle. He only wanted me. I’m needing to go back to work and don’t want to give him the formulafrom the store. Cause when I tried to give him any he would throw up right away.. I felt so bad for him.. I’m happy I found this. It looks so easy and simply. And hopefully he’ll take to it.. also on the rice milk.
    Can you make your only rice milk?

    • Hi Crystal

      yes you can make your own rice milk, almond, hemp milk, cashew milk they are all very easy.

      for rice you simply cook up organic brown rice, take 1 cup cooked and chilled in the fridge combine it with 4 cups clean water, not tap water, add 4 dates and blend until creamy smooth to the texture you desire.

      I hope you loves it as much as all of the other babes from this blog have:)


  95. Hi, my daughter is 4 months old..i have had her on your formula recipe for about 2 weeks and she has been doing great on it..i was able to bf my son for 8 months (he was a very quick easy delivery) but after a difficult c-section with her and a lot of blood loss i have been so exhausted and stressed and already got my cycle back therefor my milk supply has dwindled down quickly. It broke my heart to already have to supplement with her because my 2 year old had bf for 8 months. It helps to see her plump and thriving on this formula recipe it makes me feel better that im giving her something thats natural, non-dairy, non-soy & organic. I have a few questions though…is it ok that she is only 4 months old on this formuka?…i was going to add coconut oil to this recipe, do i need to take out flax oil? If i do add the coconut oil how much do i use folliwing your recipes measurements?…should i heat the coconut oil to liquify it before adding to yhe mixture?…also i was wondering if its ok that i add my probiotic powder when im making a batch..should i be adding it each time i make her a bottle instead of ahead of time

    • Hi Lauren,

      It is absolutely ok that she bee on this, I have new borns on it as well:)

      you can alternate between coconut and the flax oil and yes with coconut oil liquify slightly before adding and yes your an add the probiotic powder at time of preparing the entire mixture.

      I hope this helps:)


  96. Hi Jen,

    My son doesn’t have any known allergies at the moment and we are not vegetarian, however I am going to wean soon (when he is about 9 months) and do not wish to give commercial formula or wish to give regular cows milk. I have just a few questions:

    Do you think there is any risks of me giving this formula until about age 2 then introducing organic cows milk if there is no milk allergies? My reason for doing this is because for the first two years of life children mostly drink milk and true organic milk is hard to find. I know you tailored this recipe for infants with allergies however my view is that if I can limit my children’s milk consumption and also provide all the other great ingredients until they are able to crew supplements on their own, its the best case scenario. Hope this makes sense to you:) I did see your Organic goats milk recipe, however I do find the Rice based formula ingredients easier to find.

    Should I add Lactose since he is not allergic?

    If I substitute rice protein with hemp protein (cause it dissolves better and less gritty) do I need to add more iron? Hemp protein appears to have less iron than Rice protein.

    My 3yr old prefers organic Soy milk, I see a lot of negative reaction to anything soy. Should I not give her this?

    I know my case is not an urgent matter, however I am trying to do what is best for us.

    • Hello,

      Sorry for my late response, I average between 50-100 questions per day on my formula recipe!

      You can continue with this until the age of 2 yes, I would still hold off on the dairy unless its 100% organic and in very small amounts. The reality is we don’t need milk form an animal to receive the nutrients our body desires.

      Soy wouldn’t be an option I would go with. Choose almond, hemp, cashew, brazil nut, pecan and oat which you can easily make on your own.

      here is a link to my cashew and almond milk recipes below:

      you can also give him 2 tissues salts daily, these are homeopathic, of Ferrum Phos. These are iron in an easy to digest and form that will dissolve in his mouth.

      Enjoy easy digestion for your wee one:)


  97. I am in the US haven’t been able to find the brand of rice milk you suggested. Aside from Rice Dream, can you suggest another brand? Also which would be better for a 6 month old with severe reflux and lots of intolerances? We have tried even the amino acid formulas. ..neocate, puramino and elecare. She still has blood and yons of mucus in her stools and cries a lot and sleeps horribly. I am desperate for help. Please help. Do you think I should use hemo as a base? I dont want to use oat for sure because we are a celiac family and even Gf oats give us problem. Didn’t want to take a chance with the baby. Also if you can recommend any holistic dr that does allergy testing would be great too. I’m in Ky.

    • Hello,

      Try making your own rice milk. Use 1 cup cooked organic brown rice, 5 cups of water, 4 dates and blend until creamy, now use this as your formula base. Youc an also view below my recipe for cashew and almond milk.

      For other brands I like Earth’s Own or Ryza as a favourite too!

      she needs to be off those formulas they are chemicals not food:( I don’t know of any dr’s in Kentucky I suggest you start calling around but keep her off all forms of dairy and let her little gut heal


  98. Hi, I have a 6 month old that has milk and soy protein intolerance. She’s become extremely refluxy. We tried the formula and her symptoms dramatically lessened. I added one ingrediant at a time to check for reaction, the molasses didn’t go over well. I’ve found an iron supplement to cover the iron butu question is what about calcium? Is there a calcium supplement I can give? It’s the only thing missing. Thank you!

    • Hello,

      Yes you can add a liquid calcium magnesium supplement to the formal for her. Check for optimal brands in your are by reaching out to your local naturopaths and natural health food stores.


  99. Hi Jenn, is protein powder isolate fine???

    • why don’t you just add in hemp or chia seeds for the protein?

      What brand/company are you talking about?


      • Hi,

        Woops I didn’t notice that you have replied so I went with the protein powder isolate anyway. The brand is Growing Naturals. Is it bad? Erk now I’m scared. Oh I didn’t know about chia seeds.. Crazy expensive but if the protein powder isolate is bad then i’ll go with chia seeds. How much per 4 cups recipe though? Thanks youve been a BIG help!

  100. Anastasiya says:

    Hi! My daughter is 4 months today:) but sadly I’ve been back to work for 2 months and I’m just not making enough for her… I wanted to start supplementing but the thought is KILLING me. So I’m looking into making my own.. I was recommended this recipe. My daughter so had hasn’t had any tummy issues, little gas here and there but nothing too bad. I don’t want to buy formula but even making it I’m scared.. I don’t know what’s best for her. I keep hearing goat milk is the closest to breast milk.. I like the Idea of almond milk but how long has it been around( I know that sounds weird but I mean, until recently I never even heard of it!) also I have seen a modified version (with goat milk it adds nutritional yeast lactose powder and heavy cream otherwise all your other ingredients ) any advice or recommendations would really help, I don’t know if I should so goats milk or just almond..my pedi is perfectly fine with us just using store bought formula and I’m 100% against that crap of a product. I guess I’m just scared and I want nothing but the best for my little girl.. But I know I need to pick some sort of recipe and start supplementing ASAP otherwise I’m killing myself pumping every hour and only getting 1 ounce:( thank you!

    • Anastasiya says:

      Also, I just talked more about it with my husband so I think we decided on almond milk… Do you know how to make home maid almond milk? And if we make this recipe could you freeze and warm it up? Or is it something you make Daily? Sorry for all the questions…

    • Hi!

      Ok, you can use organic roast milk in this but stay off of the cream, its too high in saturated fats. You can make your own cashew, almond, oat, hemp, pecan or brazil nut milk plus rice milk by following the same simple guidelines I give below in this simple you tube video.


  101. hi my daughter is 2.5 months old and due to supply issues I had to supplement with formula when I was at work. Her intake was about 6-8oz per day of enfamil. She became very gassy and fussy from it. I came across a reciepe with coconut milk and tried that she seems to be better but still gassy and now has a lot of dirty diapers about 3per day, not sure if normal. Should I do rice milk instead which is better for such a small baby coconut or rice? No allergies noticed so far. Is coconut more closer to breast milk? I appreciate ur input. Thank u.

    • Hello,

      If you use coconut mik use organic canned coconut milk and thin it with filtered water. You can use organic brown rice as the base too while you are starting off, as she does better with this, which she will do so much better then the commercial formula, you can start to use some of the tips I give other families below about nut based milks.


  102. Anastasiya says:

    Hi! I watched your video on the almond milk I just have one question, do you have to add the dates or is it just almonds and water?

  103. Oh my goodness the rice formula worked! My son is two months old and now he sleeping so comfortably and peacefully. I have celiac’s disease and it seems that he is intolerant to most of the formulas we tried and all the elemental formulas he refused to drink. He would have colic 3-4 hours in the middle of the night. I made a batch yesterday. We used 1 tb of coconut oil and 1 of flaxseed oil. We all had a good night’s sleep for the first time since he was born and a healthy giggly baby during the day. Thank you for putting this recipe up!

    • YEAH!!

      I just love hearing these stories of happy healthy baby bellies and joyful parents, I never tire of it.

      So happy you are all doing so well with the introduction of this recipe:)


  104. Jennifer says:

    Hi, came across your blog looking up homemade rice milk formulas. My 4 month old had a dairy allergy so I switched him over to Nutramigen Formula that worked okay (other then enormous spit ups all day long!) but 2 months later his symptoms started to creep back in. I then tried a homemade goats milk formula because I read that some babies with cow milk allergies do good with goats milk. Well that was okay for two weeks and the spit up improved so much but his stomach cramps/gas were bad which then made him act very colicky. So I then switched to Soy Formula and oh my it caused aweful constipation! So I switched him right back to the goatmilk formula temporarily. I will be buying the stuff I don’t already have on hand to try this homemade formula today! I’m very hopeful that this formula is going to work! I only have one concern, I’m not really wanting to take the chance of my little one having constipation again after what we just went through this past week. What are the chances of the rice protein powder making him constipated? I also noticed someone replaced it with pea protein powder do you think that would maybe be a better alternative?

    • Hello:)

      You can try either hemp, rice or pea protein and see how he does. You will probably know within 2-4 days if his digestion is strong for any of them by how his bowels move. All I can guarantee you is that his body will be SO MUCH BETTER off without any of the chemical. dairy or soy based options out there!

      Pls let me know how things go:)


  105. Hi, I’m wanting to try this formula. My son is 3 months old. He was breast fed at first, but I delt with some awful dental pain and stopped, mostly because of all the pain meds. I really regretted it and tried to start again a couple times but couldn’t. He got really constipated on the normal formulas and was colicky. He even had eczema, all of witch I thought were normal. He had blood in his loose stool on a couple of infant formulas. Upon seeing the blood, the doctor told me he had a sensitivity to the protein in the formula. One of the formulas were hypo allergenic. We have stayed on gentlease it is the best on his system. He still gets constipated sometimes and has eczema and is colicky. When we aren’t giving him extra probiotic drops with his formula he does pretty bad. He is thriving on this formula and gaining good weight. Even though its working it gives me an awful feeling just knowing it bothers him at all. I have now read about how the infant formulas are made and no wonder he’s not doing good or alot of other babies for that matter. I’ve been told to stick with it if he’s coping, but I think that’s ridiculous, his body obviously doesn’t like dairy. He reacts worse to goats milk and soy. I read that there are no known allergens with the hemp protein, so I was wanting to try this formula and substitute hemp protein for the rice protein. I’m just nervous because so many people say not to, but I think it sounds like a great idea. I do not have a nutritionist to speak to. I wouldn’t even know if we have one here. I’m going to speak to my doctor and tell her about this formula, but she will most likely tell me not to do it. Is it too risky trying him on this formula with him being so young and having no solids to nurish him?

    • Hi!

      Hemp is a great choice for his protein! Yes, your Dr will probably say its not a good option…but it is your BEST option for him:)

      I have babies that are preemies using this formula who are THRIVING! I have had this recipe out there for 6 years now and have over 10,000 moms in 121 countries using it, so they track record of healthy little ones is incredible


  106. Hello Jenn, my son is currently 5 months old and very hungry he was diagnosed with a milk allergy and been on lactose free en family formula. I am simply looking for a cheaper and healthier option for him and wondering if this is something you would recommend using for him?

    • Hi Dawn,

      This is a superior quality whole foods based formula that will be easier for him to digest and get all of the nutrition he needs!

      Cheers to healthy, happy bellies


  107. Hi!
    I have a 10 month old boy who has food allergies.. the main one being milk! He has recently been diagnosed with asthma, and has puffy, itchy eyes, eczema and struggles to put on weight. His immunity seems very low, and he suffers from croup once per month.
    He is breastfed, but I feel my milk supply is on the lower side, and I express as much as possible to give him the bottle, after he has fed from both sides of me.
    I am going to an allergy specialist for testing this week, and a naturopath next month.

    Would this be a suitable supplement for him, as long as I keep up my breastfeeding too? Would I leave out the protein addition? He loves his solids too, but definitely is on the low weight spectrum for his age.
    I do use coconut milk, and make my own coconut yoghurt for him! This week I have also decided to go dairy free myself, to see if this will help him.

    I look forward to hearing your advice!
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Mia!

      sorry for the delayed response, my blog has taken a backseat for the last month while I was working on a few other projects! ‘

      If you haven’t already tired this formula then yes please do this is a GREAT option for your son and pls keep the protein in and so awesome that you are making your own coconut milk too!

      Keep it up Mama


  108. desiraebloom says:


    Just to clarify, are the d-drops vitamin D3? That’s what I keep seeing as I search for it.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. While finding suitable feeding options can be very challenging by conventional and even many natural avenues, it is a blessing that you are willing to share your recipe with other families (for free!). Our family is so grateful.

    And I love that you use genestra and Nordic naturals. I have personal experience with these and I am always very happy with them!

  109. desiraebloom says:

    For those of you whose little ones experience a reaction to the rice protein, we are using gluten free, unflavored (no additives) pea protein. Can’t find it in organic but it’s the next best thing. The rice protein gave my little one a rash on his back, chest and abdomen. Otherwise, seems like things are going well since we started this formula 2 weeks ago 🙂

  110. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide creddit and soiurces back to
    your blog? My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from some of the information you present here.

    Please let me now if this ok with you. Thank you!

  111. I have a 5 week old. I produce about 20 ounces of breastmilk per 24 hours. He’s unfortunately on neocate hypoallergenic formula to supplement…it is sooo yucky tasting he often chokes on the bottles which are mixed. Lots of crying ect:(. Plus it produces lots of phlegm in his poor little system…
    We had terrible feeding troubles with our first as well and I’m looking for the magic mixture for this little guy now…
    My questions, jenn, or others if you have time!: I’m so concerned about trying anything new that will cause excess gas or vomiting. I’m already very restricted in my diet (no dairy or soy, wheat, corn and gassy veggies, chocolate, coffee) bc he’s so prone to it. Any thoughts on whether to use rice, almond or coconut here?
    If I decide to try it, I’m trying to figure out how to? I mix breastmilk and neocate now…perhaps slowly decrease the neocate and try this 1 ounce at a time to c if he handles it?
    Thank you, jenn, for such a great article and helpful recipe!!

  112. Does anyone have suggestions on how to travel with this formula? Do you freeze it, keep it in a cooler, and warm up when needed? Has anyone tried the travel warmers like Warmze? Thanks!

    • I would carry with ice packs and keep cold like you would any milk, if you are travelling – as in going away- research what ingredients you need to pack and which ones you can buy there i.e.: the milks:)

  113. Has anyone noticed their baby being more hungry with this recipe? It’s going pretty well as a supplement for my 6 week old but he’s taking in a ton more in the last couple of days. Maybe bc I’m only adding a tablespoon of protein? I’m using 3/4 organic rice dream and 1/4 sodelicious unsweetened coconut milk. Mayb the calories are off with that mixture. He’s also spitting up a lot more but I suppose I could be over feeding. He acts so hungry and fussy but could have a tummy upset so is comfort feeding…

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